Your Votes Do Count

Thank you everyone for casting your vote and congratulations to Derrick Turner in winning a Lifestyle Photography Session with Vaylia Photography. I cannot wait to meet you and your family.

In addition, thanks to:

Scott Norris & Family
Roy Malinis
Bob Lee
Jon Jon
Frank Chin
Anita P
Teena D
Matthew Murphy
Kris K
Tim Corley

And thanks to my beautiful family for being so supportive. I love you.

Brandyn Pham
Scott Ngov
Keno Ngov
Linda Ngov
Bryan Ngov
Ariel Ngov
Shella Navarra
Quoc Nguyen
Holly and Dang Cheng

The winner will receive a complimentary session which includes your choice of 5 digital images or (5) 5×7 and (1) 8×10 print plus (15) 3.5×5 prints of your favorite photo to give to family and friends for holiday! If you do not live in the San Diego area and you have friends and/or family here, you may pass this on as a gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday. I won’t even tell them you won it.

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Rusty also wants to thank you as well.

Monica + Steve {Engagement Session}

Time flew by so fast. I just wanted to walk, sit, eat yogurt and talk wedding with you. It felt too easy chatting about your upcoming wedding plans, your goals and all of what we both want in life. Oh wait, we’re not getting married are we?

So easily distracted, I think we just ended up confusing each other during the paperwork process. Ha. Love it!

I think I know why Tine said .. Monica & Chandler from friends??  Shhh…. don’t tell her I told you she screwed up on the name (wait, now its on blog).  Well I did too, I guess that makes the two of us.  A day we won’t forget, I like the little things.

Here is a sneak peek of your E-Session and {Your Moment with Me} video.  Oh and by the way, I think we are both in love with colors.. I don’t know, what do you think?

Speaking of colors for anyone who does not know what to wear for their E-Shoot, Check out called Have the Perfect Shoot for some ideas. Do not be afraid of colors cause it really is the new black.

Location:  Beautiful Little Italy

So I was laughing a bit here.  Monica is totally enjoying herself here.  Oh and Steve… you should really see the other photos…

I love shoes, what woman doesn’t love shoes?  ….She’s lying, check the trunk of her vehicle.  Its there.

The rest will be online for viewing by the end of this week.  Thanks and thank you.