Derrick Turner + Family

Remember the contest everyone participated in? I cannot thank everyone enough for helping me place first. Derrick was the winner of the family photo drawing.

Derrick, thank you for participating, I do hope you enjoyed the photo session and your photos. It was quite challenging to come up with poses for an all-male photo session but I enjoy a challenge. Your boys remind me of my son, and I can’t believe what a small world we live in, we are neighbors! It was very nice meeting you, Isaiah, and Derrick Jr.

I will post your photos this week, please pick out your choice of (5) digital negatives OR (5) 5×7 and (1) 8×10 print of choice PLUS (15) 3.5×5 of one of your favorite photo to share with your family and friends.

Monica + Steve : St Joseph’s Cathedral : Coronado : North Island Club

Anyone who had the chance to meet and/or work with Monica and Steve should be very lucky.  I consider myself very lucky. Monica, she is stunning. Absolutely stunning, not only on the outside but very much the inside as well. Heart of gold. And Steve… it was quite humorous to hear the priest pick on you, or was everyone else picking on you but it only shows how much Monica means to you. You two are meant to be, and are very lucky to have each other. I was smiling the entire wedding, that’s a lot of smiling… 12 hours of smiling! I really love you two. I love your whole family.

I always have such a hard time picking images for everyone to sneak a peek. Do I choose the ones that has me giggling, or smiling, or awing (awing, such a word?) or dang! that was fierce!! Here it is, your sneak a peek.

Dress – store or online company Here Comes the Bride, Pronovias Manuel Mota Gown; alterations by Rose Andersonn

The beautiful arrangements were created by Tessilk.

Makeup provided by Becca Fabozzi:, (951) 285-7328.
Hair done up by Mallory Williams: and Amy Palma:

Hmmmm…. I think I went a bit camera happy with the girls. Don’t worry boys, you will soon get your spotlight.

The ceremony took place at the St Joseph’s Cathedral in Downtown San Diego.

Oh Steve, when you thought no one else noticed.

A favorite of mine. It was right after they sealed it with a kiss, now husband and wife…

Congratulations Monica and Steve. We love you!

The first dance and Steve is still gushing.

For you Mom and Dad. Congrats to both on your many years of marriage.

The photobooth was a success, I am glad your team of family and friends enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed them. I will post a few more in the next week or so.

It was the wedding I was very much looking forward to shooting, I had the pleasure of shooting with the very talented Sovanna & Seung of Nara Photography. They are the super couple (putting you in my pocket). Lea Eleccion of Celebrations By Design, coordinated the wedding and she made the wedding flow like lava off a chocolate cake (sorry I am craving chocolate). Plus she’s a sweetie and every time I see her, I want to hug her.  Mannie De Leon, the DJ of the night kept the guests entertained, the bride and groom entertained, I was entertained (smiling for 12 hours!!!).

The night was recorded by Gerald Labrador of GLVIDEOGRAPHY. He is extremely patient and moves where you move. No joke. He took my parking space, beat me to the parking space I was eyeing to get to the wedding party. He did not know I was 3 vehicles behind him waiting to make that u-turn to snag it. But I still approve of him.

Family, friends, vendors:  Please free to copy and use the images above to share with others.

The Proposal

It had been planned for months, my best friend, my family, he was going to propose to his girlfriend of 12 years on their anniversary.

We set it up at a park overlooking Lake Miramar with candles, music , almond champagne, and with me hiding behind some bushes nearby to record his proposal.

She called too soon, and we panicked. On their anniversary, my car broke down… a very common thing to happen (yes – out of gas, a dead battery, a flat tire) and on their anniversary, she had to once again rescue me. I am so selfish.

The moment she called, he ran out to meet her. I could hear them approaching me but instead of a speech, I heard her looking for me???!!! I see you Sina. I see you…

My best friends are getting married, my family. I love you both very much!!! Very much. Congrats.

You may need to take dramamine before watching this, I could not hold the camera still. I was so excited for them. Watch it here

Meeting Aiden

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the one-month old, little Aiden, he is a complete natural when it came to posing.

I had initially prepared a time slot of a couple hours – expected for feeding, playing, hugging, and diaper changing.  Nope.  Aiden ate a little, burped and was ready for his model shots.  He did a few close ups, nap shots, and baby cooing shots.  I could not have asked for more of a perfect shoot.

Desiree, it was a pleasure meeting you, Aiden and Grandma.  Here is your sneak peek.

I couldn’t stop smiling when I noticed how natural his poses were – arms up, hands under chin, and his eagerness to hold up his head.   Ahhhhhh.DOR.aBLE. Absolutely adorable.

The preparation part of the shoot. He looked so cute falling asleep.  Of course, he wanted us to capture him in his moment of R&R.

Five more minutes Mom, five more minutes.

And of course, one of my favorites.

Please feel free to copy and paste these images to your favorite online sharing site to view with your family and friends. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this with you.

And the winner is…

First, I want to thank everyone for voting and for supporting me along this journey. I still cannot believe out of 236 lifestyle and wedding photographers in San Diego, I came in first.  Honestly, I could not have done it without the help from my family and friends. Second, it is so much harder being in front of the camera than it is to be behind the camera. Kudos to everyone for allowing me to photograph you when it can be awkward. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now, for the prize. The winner will receive a photo session that will include your choice of (5) digital negatives OR (5) 5×7 and (1) 8×10 print of choice PLUS (15) 3.5×5 of your favorite photo to share with your family and friends, perfect for the holiday that is quickly approaching. If you do not live in the San Diego Area, you may pass this as gift to family or friend who does. I will mail out the gift to their address.

And the winner is Derrick Turner!!!!!!!! Congratulations Derrick! I can’t wait to meet you.

Rachel + Raelyn

… she wanted to embrace this milestone in her life, she turned a beautiful 40 and who better to share this with, her daughter Raelyn, who had just turned 5.

Rachel, you are an example of the confidence and beauty we all want to possess at your age, at any age. Your daughter resembles your beauty and your full of life personality. I embrace your milestone and will high five it as well.

Here are your moments together.

Oh yes she did. She has people to call, things to do. She is a busy little 5 year old. I was put on hold. =)

and an intimate session embracing being a woman.

Feel free to copy and paste these images to your online albums, facebook, and/or myspace to share with your family and friends.