Do you want a piece of me?

Here is your sneak peek of today’s session but just to let you know I had to find images of Anthony smiling back at the camera.  His half smile, ‘I will not show my teeth’ works for me.  Like father, like son, eh?

And she said “You want a piece of me?” 3 year old Alysa had no problem sticking to her older brother. She will take him down with her mighty fist. POW!

I love her mischievous side, his refusal to smile side and your… you’re so tiny Thao.

Alyssa SMILE! And she did, her big, sweet smile.

Thao, so good seeing you and the kids again. Thanks for showing me some of my old work – well the one you remembered to bring. Enjoy!

Tricia + Darryl + Baby G

Darryl just came home from Afghanistan this past Friday and has not seen Tricia for almost 8 months.  This was the first time he has seen her pregnant belly, on Sunday, they both found out they are having a girl.  A sweet reunion.  Now my eyes are watering.  Congrats!  Congrats! Congratulations!

It is always so wonderful to use new locations and props for a shoot.  Plus this time, Tricia wanted to put a stop to naked belly shots and wanted to have fun with pretty dresses and the boots were calling.  Here is just a sneak peek.  I always like to post my favorite photos last but this time – I am just too excited plus Britney’s toxic is playing in the background (I’m hyped).

Oh, the idea of getting intimate in front of a camera makes Tricia giggle like a little girl kissing her crush for the first time.

Check out her smirk.

Power couple.

I am saving my favs for last…

Now Mr Curiousity is playing by Jason Mraz and it is affecting the choice of photos and its setup but I like it.

I really want to thank the both of you and I am really happy for you two. Really happy.

A Perfect Date on a Friday night.

First pound 9 fish tacos at the Brigantine (Kris – my son thanks you, Shella thanks you, my other son,  Alex thanks you, and my belly thanks you)  SO good.  Off to Smart and Final to satisfy our sweet tooth…. a whole box of individually wrapped CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE ICING, and perfect to eat with a SNORT out loud movie DATE NIGHT in a theatre near you.

*On Tuesdays, its only $2.00
*You must dine in the bar area to get the fish tacos a la carte. Kid friendly. My son enjoys the special on tap.

*Seriously, I am not lying.  The fish tacos are so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!