Ana + Tim | Cordiano Winery | Escondido | Wedding

She quoted “You don’t marry someone you can live with… you marry someone you cannot live without.”  I see it, I see that. It’s in your photos, your expressions, your touch and your love for each other.  It is undeniable. Congratulations Ana and Tim.

Here is their beginning: Ana and Tim met through their persistent and mutual friend. He was eager to get the two of them together, knowing they would be perfect for one another. And he was right. It happened over a bbq and an instant attraction for one another… and a quick “let me fix myself up” before they began their first conversation.

And 2 years later, they stand together on top of the hills San Pasquel Valley, at a beautiful venue with a panoramic view of the city below. Now. Married. With family and friends from Romania, San Francisco and all over to celebrate their special day. To never living without one another.

A beautiful choreographed dance.

Photo credit: Chelsea Radzik

Photo credit: Chelsea Radzik

Cheers to the both of you. To love, wine, good food and life… and a happily ever after.

Thank you to all the vendors that assisted in putting this beautiful event together:

Photo assistant:
Chelsea Radzik

Wedding Venue:
Cordiano Winery
15732 Highland Valley Road
Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 469-9463

Signature Events
Kien Nguyen
818-625-5752 cell
760-994-0309 office

Michelle Gallagher

Claudette Bulaclac

Serena + Josh : San Diego Weddings : MCRD : Old Town

Who’s the new guy in town? Inquiring minds want to know.

And that is how it all started, AN inquiring mind wanted to know. This office romance turned into something more… they became each other’s best friend. Shared interest in sports, life, karaoke nights, and of course, each other.

For as long as I have known Serena, she loves to have a good time with her closest family and friends. You are invited, he is invited, we are all invited. She sets up the best: Ugly Sweater Parties, Costume Parties, the Wear All White Parties, Lets-Get-Together Parties, After Parties… it runs in her blood, and it also runs in his blood – they make a great team. I was able to witness it the night of their wedding.

With families and friends, bride and groom strutting their moves, you can’t help but want to jump in and dance around with them, even with a camera and tripod wrapped around your neck. Watch out, I may be hazardous. Josh, I can see the attraction and the magnetism she has on you and on all of us. She does this with her love for life and with the biggest smile on her face. 🙂

Josh & Serena: I wish you two the best, and lots and lots of love and hugs. Congratulations!!!

The garter that was passed down from her grandmother.

The wedding ceremony and reception was held at the MCRD overlooking the Bay. It was the perfect day to say “I do”

I believe, Josh, I caught a half wink… oh yes, indeedy.

The speech and this image that made me cry over and over again.

Oh plane, you made this day extra memorable by flying over every 5 minutes… during the ceremony.

You 2 are gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

DJ: Jeremy Smith 619-606-2582
Ceremony Coordinator: Laura Bissonnette 619-994-3989
Flowers: Corie Sonnenberg of Elegant Touch Floral Designs
Click here to check out their engagement session

R + M : San Diego : Wedding

So it happened, the union happened and I couldn’t be more happier.

MaryAnne: When I received your email, I was literally jumping up and down, no questions to ask just completely ecstatic, thrilled, I just didn’t fall to the ground (wink, wink. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me… I will not utter a word).

You two worked so hard at getting everyone to arrive on time, to make sure no one had on their phillipino watch, however,  you did  set them back about an hour but it all worked and paid off.

Rey and MaryAnne – you two make the perfect team.

Here is a look at your smiley and happy faces.

Who doesn’t like to jumping photos? Especially Rey, who wouldn’t stop when everyone else did. I must say, you are an A+ jumper.

MaryAnne… on the other hand…

I know, I know you said this is usual thing for you, but I must say sorry once again. You are so cute MaryAnne. This makes a great action shot with blurred movements. 🙂

Why iphones are the greatest inventions.

By the way, please thank your mom for making me try that piece of cake. It was Deee-lish!!! She watched me eat it to the very last bite. Now thats true love.

Family + Friends: Permission to copy, paste, or use the images above to share with your family and friends.  Who wouldn’t want to share Love. Plus, weddings = big smiles. And I love big smiles!

Stephanie + Nicholas : Maui, Hawaii : Destination Wedding

After my session with the groom and his men (such a photogenic group), I walked into Stephanie’s hotel room and she looked absolutely stunning. I could not stop gushing and smiling, smiling and gushing. In fact, I was gushing so much, Stephanie had to put a stop to it, her eyes a little watery. “You will ruin my makeup if keep this up.” My apologies, but how do I hide my annoying grin?

Up until the moment they exchanged vows, I could tell they were both excited and nervous at the same time. But after she walked down the aisle, said their I do’s and became husband and wife, the nervousness subsided, their eyes continuously locked with one another, and there was this instant glow around them. I saw Stephanie and Nick’s true expressions. Love and happiness. Tears and smiles. I could not have asked for a more perfect day, even with the strong winds, and overcast day. It was the perfect day.

Here is a look at your perfect day.

From I just woke up…

To happy little girl, she just needed 10 minutes. So do I Sophia, so do I!

She was the perfect maid of honor..

And he was the perfect best man.

I love wedding speeches.

Aloha from the wedding party

Congratulations Stephanie and Nick, I wish you so much love and happiness! LOTS of IT!
Family, friends, vendors:  You may copy and use the images above to share with others.

Flowers for Mom

It has been awhile since I wrote about my mom on here but I have to share this.

My father has not been able to catch on that you buy your wife something nice on V-day, to him its just another day. Growing up, we didn’t celebrate birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.. well until my sister was born, they made more of an effort but they ran a 24 hour business so it was difficult. Now both are retired, and my mom reminds us of her upcoming birthday, mother’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year (in fact, she took the bedazzled party hats she received, and decorated her dining room table), Chinese New Year, Full Moon.. well you get the idea. These not so important holidays are now important, so how do you tell your husband?

You don’t. Every now and then, I buy her something nice to recognize these yearly holidays, even if there is one every month. It’s a reminder that we love her, care about her, and truly appreciate her.

But the best part… is this

She planted the calla lilies outside and left our card in the soil.

Lee Lee + Nathaniel : Engagement Session : Orange County

She is my best friend.  Growing up, we would chat on the phone for hours running up our parent’s phone bills ($100/month just for our calls), but we had middle school issues to discuss. It was serious business. Today, she is still that person – the person I would confide in, laugh with, get all excited to see – like we haven’t seen each other in years even though it was just yesterday, someone I could tell all problems to (knowing she would never pass judgement)… she’s my best friend.

The news… my beautiful cousin is getting married and I am ecstatic. I am so happy for her, for the both of them. Darn, my eyes are already getting a bit watery. I know, I’m such a sap!   She is a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out.   And I love seeing how happy and giddy she gets when she is around him.   They really are the perfect duo. They are like icing on cake, like chocolate and peanut butter, like the malt in whoppers. (There was a whole lot of cheese in this sentence.)

How they met…

She had just finished culinary school specializing in pastry and was given the opportunity to pursue her dreams in Vegas. They met at work, working at the Ritz-Calton, both were at the start of their career in pastry. He was the night pastry cook (now a pastry chef) and she was the morning pastry cook, doing half the prep for him (they were each other’s half then).

I believe when she first walked in through the kitchen door, with hair blowing, lights and fog around her, you can almost hear the swoosh (okay so I exaggerated a bit) when he noticed her. It was love at first sight plus their common love for pastries and Star Trek?.. (one day Nathaniel, this trekky fan will make you one too) they could not get enough of each other…

Well, I need to stop writing, I have to save some for my speech. I promise not to embarrass anyone, muahahahaha (that was suppose to an evil cackle.)

And I get to be a huge part of their day…

I am so honored. Truly honored.
Warning: Cookie not so good after waiting a few weeks to eat it.

Warming up in front of the camera. Doing good. baby steps, baby steps.

I had located the perfect spot to photograph Lee Lee’s solo, sat her down, posed her and right when I was about to snap her photo –  Nathaniel received a call from her mechanic and plops down right in front of her.    Now I know why we are not allowed to talk on the cell phone while operating a vehicle. I love it.

This scene reminds me “Pretty Woman” Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

Nathaniel, I am so glad she found you. I am glad you found her. I love you both very much. oh dear the tears.

Of course we ended our shoot at Watson Drug & Soda Fountain known for their malts and shakes. I also like to thank Orn of Orn Thang Photography for coming out and shooting the last bit of their session.

These photos were taken in Old Towne Orange County.

Just a little side note: Lee Lee came down with one outfit while Nathaniel had 5 different collared shirts to change into along a sport jacket. Divo!

Another side note: Congrats to Nathaniel on your many promotions and winning the The Pastry Competition in New York.

Lovestruck Makeup & Hair Artistry

I had the pleasure of meeting these 2 lovely ladies from Lovestruck Makeup & Hair Artistry. Jessica and Carrie were such a blast to shoot, and they are my kinda peeps.

Jessica, the owner of Lovestruck was sweet enough to offer 10% off her services to any client of mine. Take advantage ladies!!!!   Girrrrrl, you’re awesome!

Carrie & Jessica

Jessica – The Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

Carrie – The Hair Artist

Check out Lovestruck here. She has been featured in Style Me Pretty and in the upcoming issue of Exquisite Magazine, plus she is also the winner channel 10 news A-List.

You may also contact her via facebook