R + M : San Diego : Wedding

So it happened, the union happened and I couldn’t be more happier.

MaryAnne: When I received your email, I was literally jumping up and down, no questions to ask just completely ecstatic, thrilled, I just didn’t fall to the ground (wink, wink. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me… I will not utter a word).

You two worked so hard at getting everyone to arrive on time, to make sure no one had on their phillipino watch, however,  you did  set them back about an hour but it all worked and paid off.

Rey and MaryAnne – you two make the perfect team.

Here is a look at your smiley and happy faces.

Who doesn’t like to jumping photos? Especially Rey, who wouldn’t stop when everyone else did. I must say, you are an A+ jumper.

MaryAnne… on the other hand…

I know, I know you said this is usual thing for you, but I must say sorry once again. You are so cute MaryAnne. This makes a great action shot with blurred movements. 🙂

Why iphones are the greatest inventions.

By the way, please thank your mom for making me try that piece of cake. It was Deee-lish!!! She watched me eat it to the very last bite. Now thats true love.

Family + Friends: Permission to copy, paste, or use the images above to share with your family and friends.  Who wouldn’t want to share Love. Plus, weddings = big smiles. And I love big smiles!

MaryAnne & Rey T {E-Session}

Penny marks the spot. Uhmmm… MaryAnne, your thumbprint does not count.

When I first met MaryAnne, she said, “Sina, you know Rey and I. We are just not people that like the hand holding, the kissing, and the engagement pics you see nowadays.” “We are 2 awkward people that have a hard time with the camera.”

“No problem MaryAnne, I got this.” “None of that stuff.” “Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of girl.  I don’t fall for every chick flick trailer that comes out and say out loud how badly I want to watch it.”

Did I make them do it…. Absolutely.

I know they asked for non-cheesy but the more my brain wanted the cheesy photos. They were such a great sport about it. I mean, come on, who doesnt love a photo of a man running to his woman.
Baby, I’m coming and I am here.

I fell in love with this image. I did not realize how vocal I was about it until Rey pointed out that he was not even in the picture. MaryAnne, your smile is absolutely adorable here.
An image that describes these 2 that words cannot.  This is exactly what I have been aiming for.

Plus what makes a great picture is capturing them just the way they are. Full of giggles, even Rey was full of giggles. I was a bit worried that the images would come out a bit blurry cause I could not stop laughing. I even convinced them that Blur is the new Black. It is making a comeback.

Thank you Bon Bon for allowing us to photograph your store. I am in love your store.

MaryAnne, it was so much fun and Rey, please come again.  I should have more by next week but here is your sneak peek.  Please free to copy and paste these images to your online albums to share with your family and friends. Check out their video montage.

Happy Birthday Mom. You are Forever 21.

Its funny, most photographers (please have my back), ok as a photographer, I forget my family would probably like their photo taken from time to time or perhaps on their birthday.  What do you think?  Rarely, do I bring out my camera for family occasions, and maybe I might whip out my small 6.0 megapixel Canon point and shoot and snap a photo or 2.

If you knew my family, once the camera comes out, it can be chaos.  Sina, take your uncle’s picture who is visiting from Canadah.

Sina, you take good picture right?  I want to send to your family back home.

Ok, now take your 3rd cousin’s picture and his family.

And this is sometimes harder than photographing a wedding.  I know I sound a bit dramatic but it doesnt even end there.  Sina, did you make 5 copies of each picture.  One for each person in the picture.

So when it comes time to photographing my family, I actually have to schedule in a session for me to actually do it.

My sister came into town for my mother’s birthday and it was an opportune time to dress up and take a few photos together, and of course we couldn’t have done it with my diva partner in crime and sistah, Teena (giving credit where credit is due.  Holah).   When it was my mother’s turn, oh I’ll just type out her dialogue:

No Si-nah! I don’t need a picture.  Is ok. She is still in the bathroom fixing her hair.

Si-nah, what do you think about red?  You have to wear red on your birthday for good luck.

Ok, how about gold?  If you wear gold on your birthday, the Buddha say you will have lots of money for the next year.  Okay I wear gold.

We also had to take a few photos by the cacti. I like it. Its so booom. Thats her sound effect for its so big.

Here, Lin-dah, hold some flowers. It look nice. Don’t hate on the infamous green socks. She says it will make you lucky when you wear bright colors.

Being goofy is what we do best. Tell us how to pose and we become awkward.

Thanks to our glamorous photographer, Teena.

I did get my door shot even though she did not understand why I would want her by an ugly brick house and a big door when there are so many flowers and cacti around us.

I know I have said this before, I rarely push when it comes to posing. The image I choose of myself is the moment in between the “please look here and smile” and “the hand on your back and stand up straight.” But don’t get me wrong, I will still make you do awkward poses, its fun.

My mother, she is a natural. She poses the way she wants and her smile always comes out so beautifully. She turned 57 this past weekend and she still looks amazing.

Monica + Steve {Engagement Session}

Time flew by so fast. I just wanted to walk, sit, eat yogurt and talk wedding with you. It felt too easy chatting about your upcoming wedding plans, your goals and all of what we both want in life. Oh wait, we’re not getting married are we?

So easily distracted, I think we just ended up confusing each other during the paperwork process. Ha. Love it!

I think I know why Tine said .. Monica & Chandler from friends??  Shhh…. don’t tell her I told you she screwed up on the name (wait, now its on blog).  Well I did too, I guess that makes the two of us.  A day we won’t forget, I like the little things.

Here is a sneak peek of your E-Session and {Your Moment with Me} video.  Oh and by the way, I think we are both in love with colors.. I don’t know, what do you think?

Speaking of colors for anyone who does not know what to wear for their E-Shoot, Check out webspace.com called Have the Perfect Shoot for some ideas. Do not be afraid of colors cause it really is the new black.

Location:  Beautiful Little Italy

So I was laughing a bit here.  Monica is totally enjoying herself here.  Oh and Steve… you should really see the other photos…

I love shoes, what woman doesn’t love shoes?  ….She’s lying, check the trunk of her vehicle.  Its there.

The rest will be online for viewing by the end of this week.  Thanks and thank you.

Angela + John {Engagement Session}

Not only as a photographer, do I get to fulfill my need to be creative, get a bit artsy or colorful with my couple but my favorite images are images not intended for the camera.  The moment they actually forget you are there.  When they get a bit silly with each other.  Or when he looks at her and falls in love with her all over again.

Here’s a clip of your video: Gosh I’m gushing for the both of you.
Angela & John. Spending the rest of my life with you.

Permission granted to copy and paste this to your online photo album, facebook, and/ blog to share with family and friends.  Thank you Angela and John for being so wonderful!  This is just a sneak peek at your E-session, the rest of your images will be posted on the website soon.  🙂

Location: La Jolla Cove, San Diego.