Aya | She turns one | La Jolla

She sends me a text, inviting me to be part of a big day, it had been a year since I have seen her. Angela asked if I wouldn’t mind coming out to photograph her little girl’s BIG day, baby Aya. Of course, I would not & could not pass up the opportunity. I was excited to see Aya again, this time instead of curled up… 1 year later, to see her walking and with teeth!

It was decked out with butterfly decor: water bottles, PINK chocolate on a stick (so very cool), cupcake toppers and butterfly sandwiches without crust (thanks mom). She even had 3 different types of cake: two towers of cupcakes galore, a beautiful center cake and her very own smash cake. Once again, very cool. Angela said: I have been ready for this day, perhaps, even before she was born.  I couldn’t agree more.  Now…. I just might need someone to make my birthday feel just as special. You did an amazing job Angela.. with the birthday, and with Aya. She is full of smiles.

Of course, it isnt a party without having a “boy meet girl” moment.

…and a little bit of face painting fun.

I couldn’t resist.. I saved the best for last. Her and I share something in common, especially when I laugh this hard.

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Happy 80th Grandpa Noe!

Dear Grandpa Noe,

First I would like to say: Happy happy happy 80th birthday. This is such a wonderful mark in your life. You and Tessie both raised an amazing family of 18. Four sons, four daughters and 8 very beautiful grandkids. You must be so proud and I feel very lucky to have met your family and to be a part of your special moment. Here is a look at my favorite images:

What happens when you ask the boys to give their moms big hugs…

Or when you ask the girls to give kisses in front of the camera.

Grandpa Noe, your family was so much fun and so full of love, hugs, and kisses.

And they are just absolutely full of cuteness. I really do want to pinch her dimpled cheeks!

I hope you have a beautiful 80th birthday weekend with your family and friends. I wish you many more years of happiness and love. =)

Janet, thank you for the opportunity and once again, Michelle, thank you for the referral. Love you girls!