Melody + Myra + Lucy Armsworthy {Family Session}

Please don’t rain.  Please don’t rain.  But with the rain yesterday and early this morning, the flowers and grass could not be any more greener and  brighter.  It was perfect for such beautiful girls.  So thank you for raining.

Congratulations to the Armsworthy family for winning the March Baby Photo Contest!  If I were you Melody, I would have a hard time deciding which photos to print.  Why are you all so darn cute, you too Melody!?! Good luck.  Here is your sneak peek!

Honestly, the best images when photographing children is capturing their personality. I believe it is my job just keep up. I do hope they will look back and think “Wow, some things never change.” Or do they?

You do have a complimentary 8×10 print or (2) 5×7 prints.  More will be posted later this week.  You are welcome to right click, copy and paste this to your facebook, myspace, and/or other online accounts to share with your family and friends.

More are also posted on the FACEBOOK.

Photography: Art. Life. Moments. Hobby. Career.


Pick up that camera.  See the world from a different view.  See what no one else sees.  And Create.  That mood.  That moment.  Reveal what a magician normally wouldn’t.  Sometimes showing is the only way to believe.

As a photographer, we are asked to specialize in a specific field:  Weddings.  Lifestyle.  Portraits.  Boudoir.  Commercial.  The problem is that I cannot.  I am in love with photography and plus my “too much energy for my own good” won’t allow me to.  Everyday, while I am doing my fast pace, arm pumping, 5 mile walk and sometimes jog for 2 seconds before my heart gives out on me, around Miramar Lake, listening to Colbie Callait gets me all excited with cool new ideas.  By the end of it,  I can’t wait to turn a tutu into something very hip…