Beth + Brian | San Diego | Lifestyle Session

With the due date quickly approaching, we had to pick a date… rain or shine.

It had been pouring rain the day before, and a forecast of continued rain for the next few days.  A possibility of rescheduling our shoot? Oh…. it could not have been more perfect, the rain god was on our side or perhaps, we had a bit of luck from the soon to be mom and dad.

The sun was out, it was dry, and she bought new shoes!  It was the perfect day for a shoot.

Now if we could only get the wind to cooperate…

To capture this.

Beth, it was so good to see you again and this time, with your pregnancy glow. I had such a wonderful time shooting both of you.

I hope your luck with the weather brought some luck to our Padres that day. =)

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Kamille’s big birthday bash – A Sweet 1st Birthday

I have been photographing the Manalili’s family since Jan and Charles were first engaged, fast forward 3 years later, her daughter has turned 1. Time really does fly.

I was thrilled to be able to capture the very much anticipated birthday for Kamille. Chinese take-out boxes filled with treats. Kai Lan goody bags. Kai Lan decorated red velvet cake specially made for sweet Kamille. And who says you can’t have a photo booth with a backdrop of Kai Lan and friends set up for children between 12 inches and 2 feet tall? It is the rage nowadays. Did I mention Kamille loves Kai Lan?

Happy Birthday Kamille! I hope you will one day look back and ask your parents to please re-create this for your sweet 16…

Let’s dance Dad.

Some VIP guests at the exclusive birthday bash.

Every time I come across this photo, I cannot help but laugh. She was so upset there was overabundance of sprinkle spillage onto her beautifully coated sugar cookie. 😦 but also kinda 😉

Well, it’s not only for children between 12 inches to 2 feet tall…

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The Vasquez Family : Downtown San Diego

It is a small world after all. I just found out that Gina is related to Irene (a fitness guru I met at Ladies who Launch) who is related to Jade aka “Kimmy” (she will be introduced next week), who is related to our contest winner from a couple months ago, Derrick Turner.

And now here I am meeting sweet, little diva, Bella and her husband David for the first time. Bella is such an outgoing little girl who loves to jump for photos one second and announce loudly that “she’s tired.” I love her, she makes me laugh. It was a nice walk around downtown San Diego, seeing all the people waiting in line for the hottest breakfast joint (taking notes of where I am eating next) or making their way inside the New Children’s Museum and finding wonderful colors and textures to shoot my “full of personality and full of life” family.

Enjoy your sneak peek and feel free to copy and paste these images to share with your family and friends. Thanks Gina for the wonderful fun morning shoot. Hope you didn’t get too wet at the USC & Notre Dame game.

I don’t know why but I really love the photo on the right, both are unaware I snapped this.

End scene. We are done and Bella is tired. =)

Serena + Josh : Engagement Session : Downtown San Diego : Coronado

We were to meet at 3:30pm on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Coronado, where it views the Coronado Bridge and Downtown San Diego Skyline. It was the perfect day to photograph the girl with a million dollar smile and the charming boy from Virginia.

At 10:06am, I receive an email from Serena: We are getting ready…for some reason I’m kinda nervous about taking pics.

First thought, its 10:06 am. My eyelids are still stuck to my contacts, what is she doing up so early?

Second thought, she’s a natural beauty. She doesn’t need to get ready this early.  This girl is fierce, hands on hip fierce.

I was right, she is a natural. They both are. They were comfortable, relaxed and quite the cutest couple. I am glad to know the GEICO telephone made its way back to Josh. Congrats to the both of you and I am very, very happy for the 2 of you.

Here is a little peek at your session.

Courtesy of the Coronado Sandman, who is known for his work of Sand Art all over Coronado. A very sweet man.

I just want to say: Stop it. Stop it you two. You’re so cute.

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The Ripandelli Family

It was a stunning day at the cove. The sky was filled with vibrant colors of orange and red, a sunset picture Laura had been wanting and…. a baby girl on the way. CONGRATS Laura, Al and Alfie!

I am very excited for you and your family. I know Alfie will be a wonderful brother, and Dad is going to do a lot of showing off at all the Padres game, will we get to see her on the big screen?

Here is a peek at my favorites!

The Santos-Sol Family : Solana Beach

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, perfect for a family shoot. The best part about this secluded location, you have the beach to yourself and you get to dolphin watch. We saw 3 dolphins swimming along the shore.

Tricia, Darryl, and Ruby – we are going to miss you so much when you leave to Japan. I do expect when Ruby comes back, she will be the Japanese stereotype of snapping photos everywhere she goes or posing with 2 fingers up.  Wait, I think I fit this description already.  Ko-nee-chiwa!

Here is your sneak peek and some of my favs. Please free to copy and paste the images below to share with family and/or friends.

Hehe.. Sorry Tricia. Its the perfect photo. How else are we gonna get the kids to smile?

“AJ! Open your eyes!!!”

He’s opening them Dad.

Oh my gosh, he is hilarious! I could not stop laughing while going through all of his expressions. And Raelyn, such a sweet girl.

And Ruby girl!!

No kisses Daddy, messing up her hair.

The Tulich Family : Teagan @ 3 months

When I first met the Tulich family, Tricia was pregnant with Teagan but did not know it at the time. A year later, I am meeting little Teagan for the first time and couldn’t be happier for the family of four.

Little Taryn was my assistant, she helped me set up and took a few shots of her own. Here are a few shots from my end, although I could not even compete with a 2 year old who is quite impressive.

Tricia wanted to duplicate a photo Taryn took at 3 months, though Teagan had 5 extra pounds, Tony was able to pull it off. Look at his gorgeous blue eyes. We did it Tricia!!!

They all took their turns posing with Teagan. I love this photo of them!