Joy + Caesar : San Diego : A Starfish Wedding

It was one of those weddings we dream of as little girls. To the tiniest details – the dress, the cake, and the theme. Light colored shells peeking out of brown sugar sand sprinkled around centerpieces. Silver starfish hair ornaments and jewelry. Personalized seashells that led their guests to their seats. Sparkling blue lights and table covers. I felt like I was Ariel, swimming under the sea.

Overlooking the San Diego skyline, the reception was held at the Soledad Club. It was an intimate and beautiful venue, and as mentioned in her thank you speech, they chose to be here with their closest family and friends. And it was just that. Intimate. Close. Perfect.

After some time of mingling with her guests during cocktail hour, I found Joy and asked her how she was doing. Her exact words were “I feel like a princess.” Ah… smiles. It was exactly what I wanted to hear. It can be so easy to forget to take that step back and enjoy the moment, it can be a dream that happens so quickly and we wake up realizing it’s already over. She took it in, her big day, she was with the most important people in her life. This – this made me smile.

They capped the evening with thank you’s and a speech that brought tears.. tears with an “s” to my eyes. I usually don’t cry until after I sit down and go through the images, but this time, while the camera was held to my eye and I was looking at her, looking at him… and I listened to his speech. He hesitated at first as Joy turned to him with the mic, but began his speech with his thank you’s … thankful for this day, thankful to have found Joy. He glanced at their guests, then to the ground and said, he did have one wish. One wish that could have made this day even more special than it already was. His one wish, that his mom could have been there, for his mom to have met the most beautiful woman he was marrying today…

But we all know that somehow she was a part this magical day. That she did meet his beautiful bride. And that she had blessed them with her love, her happiness, and with Joy. His wish, I am sure, came true that magical day.

Now, let’s bow our heads and dance.

Thank you Orn, for the beautiful images of the church and of the wedding. Thank you for being my right hand woman.

Congratulations many many times Joy and Caesar, I so much enjoyed working with you, photographing you and getting to know you and your family and friends. Lots, and lots of LOVE!


Of course, lots of thanks to the vendors that help put this beautiful day together. It was a pleasure working with each every one of you once again.

Orn Thang for the much needed help and beautiful images.

Manny De Leon of Sound Illusions Ph: (619) 462-7750 Office

Lea Eleccion Bridal Consultant of Celebrations By Design

Gerald Labrador Videography

And kudos to:
Wedding invitations designed by Blue Ribbon Design

Ceremony at St. Joseph Cathedral

Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid DressesTour of Elegance

Ranch Catering, Inc.
3560 Mt. Acadia Blvd.
San Diego CA 92111
Phone: (858) 492 9100

Monica + Steve : St Joseph’s Cathedral : Coronado : North Island Club

Anyone who had the chance to meet and/or work with Monica and Steve should be very lucky.  I consider myself very lucky. Monica, she is stunning. Absolutely stunning, not only on the outside but very much the inside as well. Heart of gold. And Steve… it was quite humorous to hear the priest pick on you, or was everyone else picking on you but it only shows how much Monica means to you. You two are meant to be, and are very lucky to have each other. I was smiling the entire wedding, that’s a lot of smiling… 12 hours of smiling! I really love you two. I love your whole family.

I always have such a hard time picking images for everyone to sneak a peek. Do I choose the ones that has me giggling, or smiling, or awing (awing, such a word?) or dang! that was fierce!! Here it is, your sneak a peek.

Dress – store or online company Here Comes the Bride, Pronovias Manuel Mota Gown; alterations by Rose Andersonn

The beautiful arrangements were created by Tessilk.

Makeup provided by Becca Fabozzi:, (951) 285-7328.
Hair done up by Mallory Williams: and Amy Palma:

Hmmmm…. I think I went a bit camera happy with the girls. Don’t worry boys, you will soon get your spotlight.

The ceremony took place at the St Joseph’s Cathedral in Downtown San Diego.

Oh Steve, when you thought no one else noticed.

A favorite of mine. It was right after they sealed it with a kiss, now husband and wife…

Congratulations Monica and Steve. We love you!

The first dance and Steve is still gushing.

For you Mom and Dad. Congrats to both on your many years of marriage.

The photobooth was a success, I am glad your team of family and friends enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed them. I will post a few more in the next week or so.

It was the wedding I was very much looking forward to shooting, I had the pleasure of shooting with the very talented Sovanna & Seung of Nara Photography. They are the super couple (putting you in my pocket). Lea Eleccion of Celebrations By Design, coordinated the wedding and she made the wedding flow like lava off a chocolate cake (sorry I am craving chocolate). Plus she’s a sweetie and every time I see her, I want to hug her.  Mannie De Leon, the DJ of the night kept the guests entertained, the bride and groom entertained, I was entertained (smiling for 12 hours!!!).

The night was recorded by Gerald Labrador of GLVIDEOGRAPHY. He is extremely patient and moves where you move. No joke. He took my parking space, beat me to the parking space I was eyeing to get to the wedding party. He did not know I was 3 vehicles behind him waiting to make that u-turn to snag it. But I still approve of him.

Family, friends, vendors:  Please free to copy and use the images above to share with others.