The Ripandelli Family

It was a stunning day at the cove. The sky was filled with vibrant colors of orange and red, a sunset picture Laura had been wanting and…. a baby girl on the way. CONGRATS Laura, Al and Alfie!

I am very excited for you and your family. I know Alfie will be a wonderful brother, and Dad is going to do a lot of showing off at all the Padres game, will we get to see her on the big screen?

Here is a peek at my favorites!

The Tulich Family : Teagan @ 3 months

When I first met the Tulich family, Tricia was pregnant with Teagan but did not know it at the time. A year later, I am meeting little Teagan for the first time and couldn’t be happier for the family of four.

Little Taryn was my assistant, she helped me set up and took a few shots of her own. Here are a few shots from my end, although I could not even compete with a 2 year old who is quite impressive.

Tricia wanted to duplicate a photo Taryn took at 3 months, though Teagan had 5 extra pounds, Tony was able to pull it off. Look at his gorgeous blue eyes. We did it Tricia!!!

They all took their turns posing with Teagan. I love this photo of them!