Stephanie + Nicholas : Maui, Hawaii : Destination Wedding

After my session with the groom and his men (such a photogenic group), I walked into Stephanie’s hotel room and she looked absolutely stunning. I could not stop gushing and smiling, smiling and gushing. In fact, I was gushing so much, Stephanie had to put a stop to it, her eyes a little watery. “You will ruin my makeup if keep this up.” My apologies, but how do I hide my annoying grin?

Up until the moment they exchanged vows, I could tell they were both excited and nervous at the same time. But after she walked down the aisle, said their I do’s and became husband and wife, the nervousness subsided, their eyes continuously locked with one another, and there was this instant glow around them. I saw Stephanie and Nick’s true expressions. Love and happiness. Tears and smiles. I could not have asked for a more perfect day, even with the strong winds, and overcast day. It was the perfect day.

Here is a look at your perfect day.

From I just woke up…

To happy little girl, she just needed 10 minutes. So do I Sophia, so do I!

She was the perfect maid of honor..

And he was the perfect best man.

I love wedding speeches.

Aloha from the wedding party

Congratulations Stephanie and Nick, I wish you so much love and happiness! LOTS of IT!
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The Mack Family : Maui, Hawaii : Destination

It was such a smart idea, why not? We are in Maui for goodness sakes! The island of happiness, it is not disneyland. It is Maui. An absolutely beautiful island with so much to see, do and EAT! Gemini sent me an email to set up a family session since we were both there for a wedding for a special couple, I was very excited to be given such a wonderful opportunity!

Upon meeting them, Dominic had just woken up from his nap, and Liana was like me, “Island of paradise, come to me!!!!” She just couldn’t wait to get in the water. Neither could I. I don’t blame you for being a kid at a candy store.

So the goal was to get everyone to look at me, I just needed a second of their time, maybe even 2. It was fun, but we all know what my favorite images are: Just the way they are. Moments captured. Not picture perfect but picture worthy – full of personality and life.

Gemini, John: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Here is a look at your session with me.

Liana amuses me. Ha!

One out of 4. Getting so close.

Just because Gemini looks great. =)

See.. Liana loves Maui. I love Maui too. Liana, you can hold my hand anytime and we can run up and down the beach kicking sand and water.

This is my fav.

Last, this is just funny. I wanted her to do whatever she wanted.
This picture is for you Liana. This is one you will share with your friends, Lil’ Miss Independent.

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Stephanie Torres & Nick Detorres : Engagement Session : Little Italy

Over 12 years ago, Stephanie and I worked at Robinsons May in the shoe department. Yes, I said shoe department. I was THE top seller of women’s shoes and Stephanie was my sidekick (seasonal ringer). I was the female version of Al Bundy but in a dress and nylons. And yes, I said Robinsons May. I miss that store. Okay back to Stephanie, she moved to San Francisco and we did not reconnect til we bumped into each other at a wedding I was photographing, Quyen and Adam’s wedding 2 years ago. She said to me: Sina, when I get married, I want you to photograph my wedding.

2 years later, we are getting married. I mean, she is getting married and I get to capture it. YAY!

Nick, it was so nice meeting you. You are quite a gentleman and I can see why the two of you fell in love. I had such a good time. You jumped right in while Stephanie, a bit on the shy side, tried to jump out but you wouldn’t let her go. In fact, I think throughout the film, you two would not stop giggling or looking at each other. Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? Singing…singing!

Here is more than just one.

A classic Stephanie expression.

A perfect sign for a perfect wedding.

And of course, you have to end a blog with another classic Stephanie expression.

Oh yes, and chocolate. Delicious chocolate from EXTRAordinary Desserts

Tamra + Ben : South Lake Tahoe

Sweet. Simple. Intimate.

A secluded venue, overlooking the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe made perfect for a private wedding.

We love Rockie.

She took her steps down the aisle to the melodic compilation of Metallica’s“Nothing Else Matters.”

Ben’s father, chosen as their minister, stood proudly next to his son.  So ready to marry the two of them, the ecstatic father drops the rings and forgets to ask his son to take Tamra as his wedded wife. Ben looks at his dad and asks, “What about me?”

Dad, you just made this even more memorable.

As Tamra and Ben walked up the stairs as the newly bride and groom, Ben trips and spills his beer.  All I could hear…. That is so Ben.

The father of bride, could not stop using his card “I am the father of the bride.” “Would you see if you could bring up a bottle of white wine, I am the father…” I am onto you but you are a wonderful father of the bride, so in that case… yes.

Thank you for risking your lives on this narrow bridge just for one more picture.

Sweet. Simple. Intimate.

Thank you Tamra for allowing me to share this special day with you. Amanda, you are so sweet, it was wonderful meeting you. Josh and Gina, I love your banter and booty shake dance to the get down, get down music. Liz and Bri, you two are just fun. FUN! Of course Ben, I have to say, ” One more!!!!!!!”

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Flowers set up by Jolene Ormonde, Cherylee Lomax, and Raydeen Gilles.
Catering managed by Andrea Rodriguez and team from Lake Tahoe Catering Company.
Music provided by the cool, sexy hipster, Jen Lucas from Venice Beach, CA. 310.916.7154/

(Side note: With a late night arrival back into San Diego, Scott picked me up and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of red roses…. AND he fixed my right passenger window, the darn window would not roll all the way up and had been stuck for weeks!  I was so excited, first thing to mind:  HOLLA!
This made a red eye, eyelid stuck to contacts, sleepy girl smile a big smile.)