R + M : San Diego : Wedding

So it happened, the union happened and I couldn’t be more happier.

MaryAnne: When I received your email, I was literally jumping up and down, no questions to ask just completely ecstatic, thrilled, I just didn’t fall to the ground (wink, wink. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me… I will not utter a word).

You two worked so hard at getting everyone to arrive on time, to make sure no one had on their phillipino watch, however,  you did  set them back about an hour but it all worked and paid off.

Rey and MaryAnne – you two make the perfect team.

Here is a look at your smiley and happy faces.

Who doesn’t like to jumping photos? Especially Rey, who wouldn’t stop when everyone else did. I must say, you are an A+ jumper.

MaryAnne… on the other hand…

I know, I know you said this is usual thing for you, but I must say sorry once again. You are so cute MaryAnne. This makes a great action shot with blurred movements. 🙂

Why iphones are the greatest inventions.

By the way, please thank your mom for making me try that piece of cake. It was Deee-lish!!! She watched me eat it to the very last bite. Now thats true love.

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Linda + Hiep : Engagement Session : Peohe’s

They met over 6 years ago, he saw her and knew he had to swoon her with his charm, his patience, and with food. Yup, he brought her lunch almost everyday. My kinda guy. I am definitely impressed. She was not. Not just yet.

… Til one day, he disappeared. He just stopped showing up. And the lunch treats… no more. This made her realize what she was missing, how much his friendship meant to her, how much she really did care for him, plus who was gonna feed her?

But it was all part of his plan…

A year after their first encounter, they had their official date at Peohe’s. And today, I was lucky enough to be part of their lunch date.

Okay, now kiss… or you can skip?? I was sitting quite a bit away giving them instructions while I was photographing them. I thought what a perfect moment for them to lean in and kiss. I yelled out, “Kiss!” but instead I got the 2 of them to skip. Now how else would I have captured this?

Did I mention how much fun they were to shoot, Hiep would not stop giggling. Sorry Hiep, I hope I did not take your man card away.

He’s blowing her kisses.

Mmmmm.. YUM! Thanks for feeding me.

He is trying to convince me that this is his natural smile. ?????

I enjoyed you two. Thank you.
Skip. Kiss. Love.

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Serena + Josh : Engagement Session : Downtown San Diego : Coronado

We were to meet at 3:30pm on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Coronado, where it views the Coronado Bridge and Downtown San Diego Skyline. It was the perfect day to photograph the girl with a million dollar smile and the charming boy from Virginia.

At 10:06am, I receive an email from Serena: We are getting ready…for some reason I’m kinda nervous about taking pics.

First thought, its 10:06 am. My eyelids are still stuck to my contacts, what is she doing up so early?

Second thought, she’s a natural beauty. She doesn’t need to get ready this early.  This girl is fierce, hands on hip fierce.

I was right, she is a natural. They both are. They were comfortable, relaxed and quite the cutest couple. I am glad to know the GEICO telephone made its way back to Josh. Congrats to the both of you and I am very, very happy for the 2 of you.

Here is a little peek at your session.

Courtesy of the Coronado Sandman, who is known for his work of Sand Art all over Coronado. A very sweet man.

I just want to say: Stop it. Stop it you two. You’re so cute.

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Monica + Steve : St Joseph’s Cathedral : Coronado : North Island Club

Anyone who had the chance to meet and/or work with Monica and Steve should be very lucky.  I consider myself very lucky. Monica, she is stunning. Absolutely stunning, not only on the outside but very much the inside as well. Heart of gold. And Steve… it was quite humorous to hear the priest pick on you, or was everyone else picking on you but it only shows how much Monica means to you. You two are meant to be, and are very lucky to have each other. I was smiling the entire wedding, that’s a lot of smiling… 12 hours of smiling! I really love you two. I love your whole family.

I always have such a hard time picking images for everyone to sneak a peek. Do I choose the ones that has me giggling, or smiling, or awing (awing, such a word?) or dang! that was fierce!! Here it is, your sneak a peek.

Dress – store or online company Here Comes the Bride, Pronovias Manuel Mota Gown; alterations by Rose Andersonn

The beautiful arrangements were created by Tessilk.

Makeup provided by Becca Fabozzi: kissnmakeup4u@yahoo.com, (951) 285-7328.
Hair done up by Mallory Williams: mallory2172@yahoo.com and Amy Palma: enrileamy@yahoo.com.

Hmmmm…. I think I went a bit camera happy with the girls. Don’t worry boys, you will soon get your spotlight.

The ceremony took place at the St Joseph’s Cathedral in Downtown San Diego.

Oh Steve, when you thought no one else noticed.

A favorite of mine. It was right after they sealed it with a kiss, now husband and wife…

Congratulations Monica and Steve. We love you!

The first dance and Steve is still gushing.

For you Mom and Dad. Congrats to both on your many years of marriage.

The photobooth was a success, I am glad your team of family and friends enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed them. I will post a few more in the next week or so.

It was the wedding I was very much looking forward to shooting, I had the pleasure of shooting with the very talented Sovanna & Seung of Nara Photography. They are the super couple (putting you in my pocket). Lea Eleccion of Celebrations By Design, coordinated the wedding and she made the wedding flow like lava off a chocolate cake (sorry I am craving chocolate). Plus she’s a sweetie and every time I see her, I want to hug her.  Mannie De Leon, the DJ of the night kept the guests entertained, the bride and groom entertained, I was entertained (smiling for 12 hours!!!).

The night was recorded by Gerald Labrador of GLVIDEOGRAPHY. He is extremely patient and moves where you move. No joke. He took my parking space, beat me to the parking space I was eyeing to get to the wedding party. He did not know I was 3 vehicles behind him waiting to make that u-turn to snag it. But I still approve of him.

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