The Concepcion & Vargas Family : Balboa Park : Four Families = 14

Monday = San Diego sunshine. Tuesday, same. Wednesday, same. Fast forward to Saturday, it was raining cats and dogs. Fingers, toes, and legs crossed, we did end up with a gorgeous late morning and afternoon. It brought out the colors, gorgeous clouds and an amazing light to our session.

But it wasn’t about the rain or shine, it was about getting ALL the kids TO SMILE and look at the same time… all 7 of them. I do wish I had my camera facing the other direction (their parents were doing everything they could to get their kids to smile – cooing, monkey faces, clapping, yoga poses). But I believe, it is the kids that create these moments for us. Personalities that we can look back and remember THE gestures and mannerism we may still carry onto 10 years later…

Please feel free to copy and paste the images above to share with your family and friends.  Enjoy!!!

Uhmmm… the chair was a bit uncomfortable and poking in areas that did not want to be poked. Thanks for being such a great sport.
Ha. I love Lina’s expression here. It makes me chuckle.

The Parris Family

Can I just say how nice it is to be able to grow with your family?

The news of your first child, meeting little Savannah, having baby # 2 and now, here we are together again.  I feel like a part of your family.  As Savannah would say, where’s Thina?  I am very much enjoying my Auntie Thina moment.

I know you think I say this to all my friends and clients.. well… maybe one, two, or three other.  But I do mean it.  I love your family.  LOVE!

Here is your sneak peek.

Shella saw these: Wow, what a perfect looking family!

Of course, please feel free to copy and paste the these photos to your online albums, facebook and/or myspace to share and enjoy with your family and friends. More to come, I promise.