Bidding for a good cause


REVO Details…
Does your wedding budget leave you feeling blue?  Save some green and share your heart with REVO weddings. San Diego’s top wedding professional have donated their services to start a REVOlution. This is a chance for great deals on wedding products and services for San Diego’s engaged couples. The proceeds will go to a person in need right here in San Diego.

This is an opportunity to bid on vendors needed for your special day and the best part, you will be bidding for a good cause.

Event planning to make your day run smoothly, cakes, floral pieces and invitations necessary to make your big day happen.  I am also auctioning a wedding package which includes Unlimited Shooting, an Online Album, a DVD of your images, and a choice of Canvas Art from the Art Collection.  25% of the proceeds will go to REVOWeddings.

Thank you Suzanne Hansen for putting this together.  You are beautiful!  Peggi, it was lovely meeting you.  You are such an inspiration and a life lesson learned in one evening with you. In the end, we are all in this together.

I also had the opportunity to meet some of the sweetest and cutest vendors ever and y’all know I am all about the personality. Plus you throw art, creativity and style in the mix and what more could you ask for? Wedding Bliss…

Courtney, a graphic designer and artist decided to launch her company, Brightly Designed after receiving so many requests from friends, friends of friends and now many referrals later is making and printing cards, invitations, save the date and thank you cards. Oh plus SO much more!

Tori Hendrix launched her own wedding planning business, Sitting In A Tree, 6 months ago and now has been commuting from San Diego all the way to San Francisco coordinating with Brides and her work has been featured on Style Me Pretty .

And her husband, Austin Hendrix, a DJ and film artist for the wedding industry makes the 2 of them a pretty amazing duo.  Awesome mix on your website by the way.  Holla!

Hilarious and sweet, so sweet, I just wanted to stand next to Andrew Schank of Bird&CO Events all day because he had such a wonderful smile and personality.

Check out their sites, place a bid, save money and it all goes to a wonderful cause.

Tricia + Darryl + Baby G

Darryl just came home from Afghanistan this past Friday and has not seen Tricia for almost 8 months.  This was the first time he has seen her pregnant belly, on Sunday, they both found out they are having a girl.  A sweet reunion.  Now my eyes are watering.  Congrats!  Congrats! Congratulations!

It is always so wonderful to use new locations and props for a shoot.  Plus this time, Tricia wanted to put a stop to naked belly shots and wanted to have fun with pretty dresses and the boots were calling.  Here is just a sneak peek.  I always like to post my favorite photos last but this time – I am just too excited plus Britney’s toxic is playing in the background (I’m hyped).

Oh, the idea of getting intimate in front of a camera makes Tricia giggle like a little girl kissing her crush for the first time.

Check out her smirk.

Power couple.

I am saving my favs for last…

Now Mr Curiousity is playing by Jason Mraz and it is affecting the choice of photos and its setup but I like it.

I really want to thank the both of you and I am really happy for you two. Really happy.

Wedding Album Samples.

Here are a few samples of the layout I sent in, I thought I would share with some of the brides and grooms I previously worked with to view and enjoy. Feel free to copy the images below to share with your family and friends. I will post more on the Facebook Fan Page.

Each image is a 2 page layout to a 9.5×13 album.

If you are interested in ordering an album, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For more information, please visit Vaylia Photography for album sizes, pages and covers.

Melody + Myra + Lucy Armsworthy {Family Session}

Please don’t rain.  Please don’t rain.  But with the rain yesterday and early this morning, the flowers and grass could not be any more greener and  brighter.  It was perfect for such beautiful girls.  So thank you for raining.

Congratulations to the Armsworthy family for winning the March Baby Photo Contest!  If I were you Melody, I would have a hard time deciding which photos to print.  Why are you all so darn cute, you too Melody!?! Good luck.  Here is your sneak peek!

Honestly, the best images when photographing children is capturing their personality. I believe it is my job just keep up. I do hope they will look back and think “Wow, some things never change.” Or do they?

You do have a complimentary 8×10 print or (2) 5×7 prints.  More will be posted later this week.  You are welcome to right click, copy and paste this to your facebook, myspace, and/or other online accounts to share with your family and friends.

More are also posted on the FACEBOOK.

WPPI {The Smugmug PhotoBooth}

This year, I finally made it out to Las Vegas and attended the largest photography trade show, WPPI. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I met wonderful vendors, other Pro Photographers, and had the opportunity to choose the prints, canvas arts, and albums that best suit my style.

Thank you Kerry for sending these pictures. This was a great night along with many others. You 2 were wonderful roomies and already miss you much. Upurbumnobebe! Cheers!

The art of being goofy inside a photo booth.

Seriously its harder than it looks, you are constantly thinking of your next move. This does not come naturally. :0)

Maryanne + Rey + Grandmother = Rain

I had the pleasure of meeting Maryanne for the first time, a newly bride-to-be.  Can I just say how excited I am to shoot their engagement photos?!  I am very lucky to meet people who are just as crazy as I am.  The shoot is a surprise but we are both loving it!  SO completely different from the rest…  Alright, that is all I am going to say.  I cannot wait, I cannot wait.  I CANNOT WAIT!

She was telling me about their wedding party, she had to convince her fiance to narrow down his groomsmen from 16 to 8. “Cut throat REY! Cut THROAT!”  Now the poor guy has to choose his best man when he wants all 3 to be his best man.  She also started a wedding blog for people to get to know them, you know, the story of their life, their “about us.”  Maryanne made sure to do most of it to make it easier for Rey.  She finished her about me section which talks about where she graduated, her interests, her family and where she she is today.  Alright Rey, your turn, please.  All you have to do is fill out your “About ME.” She walks away to leave him to it, comes back and sees FOOD! under his profile.   That’s it.  Food and exclamation mark. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Of course, off subject, we found out that our grandmas are very similar.  How they choose to make use of the Costco bucket, by the way my Grandma uses a Bavarian filling bucket from the donut shop.  How conserving water is the way to go.  Rain is not really rain.  Now I’m singing “My bucket, my bucket.. where ever I go…”

This is going to be fun.  By the way, someone left their nifty clicky pen.  I was about to chase you with it and then I looked back at the pen and thought.. hmmmm.. this is a very nice pen.  But its yours if you would like it back.

So about that camping trip?  Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure.  It will be my pleasure to have a drink off with you and Rey.