Lucena & Giampaoli Family : San Diego : Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

I am completely and truly blessed, thankful, and so very lucky…

I have the opportunity to meet such amazing families, couples and kids. Almost immediately, I feel like I am a part of your family.

I am so very thankful to receive the love and referrals that have been coming in each month. Michelle, thank you. Maribelle, your family, your father, your mother – oh my gosh, I just want to hug all of you. I am so lucky to have met all of you.

Happy 45th Aniversary Maxie and Ted Lucena!  And happy happy 70th birthday Mom.

Hmmm…. I am noticing a pattern here. Teddy has his hands in his pocket while Mirabelle and Mary were more than happy lean in and just give big hugs!!!!!

And Sam here is doing the same thing.

I get to ask Dad to give Mom a few birthday kisses in front of their grown children and hear the awwws around me. We all get to witness his Rico Suave side.

When I get home, I have to decide which of the 5 images I am keeping. They are exactly the same except for the expressions on the children’s faces.

Mirabelle, just so you know, I am a fan of your family. You all are so cute, thanks for being silly with me 🙂

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Weekday Sessions

With the holiday approaching just around the corner, the calendar is close to being booked til mid December. I have decided to adjust the prices to entice families to schedule a session during the week (Monday through Thursday). It is an On-Location shoot, so I can come to you or we meet at a local park/beach nearby.

*Limit of 4 Person(s) Per Family
*On-Location is limited to areas in San Diego County.

Where it comes from…

That’s right, 3 dots later.

Shella, a really good friend of mine, knows I am often inspired by other photographs, including those from fashion magazines. She has been so wonderful and kind to find and send me magazines that will help inspire me.

I go through each magazine looking for inspiration – pulling out pages, clips, poses, etc. to help me create either new ideas or maybe follow them.  I even jot some ideas for the next couple I plan to photograph.  Notes that sometimes may help my bride/groom(s) with their planning.

Plus, don’t we all want to look like WE belong on the cover of a magazine?

Sorry fellas, it really is a good pose.

I like cool frames.

Oh MaryAnne, this one has your name written all over it. It really does. I have notes already.

{In Style} with the Tulich Family

When I first shot the Tulich family, Taryn was a bit shy and I had waited til the end of the shoot for her to warm up to me.  This time around, I could not get enough of her bubbly and outgoing personality, in fact, I forgot to tell Tricia and Tony how to pose because Taryn was teaching me a pose or 2.  The girl cracks me up.  You should see her smile and boy did she love the camera.  She also had to bring out her tea set for the shoot.  Great idea Taryn, great idea.

So we went for a more intimate shoot this time around, an at-home shoot creating an In Style look.  Tricia, the images came out better than what I envisioned in my head.  You are glowing and your home could not have been a better backdrop.

Tricia, you are so absolutely sweet & you make great coffee, your daughter cracks me up especially with her big, BIG, big SMILE.  And tell Tony, I might need to borrow some of his magazines to inspire me with other shoots.

I posted some more photos on facebook for your eyes only.  You were absolutely glowing in them.  Congrats over and over again.  Can I live at your new place?  Gorgeous home.  Thanks for welcoming me.

Sangria anyone?

Tonight, I decided to take my mom along with me to watch the basketball game at …. Hooters. And it was Bike Night at Hooter’s, where the girls are dressed in black leather and bikini tops. Yes guys, they were.

We sit down and a friend and I order a couple of beers to get the night started. My mom looks at the menu and is describing a drink with apples, oranges.. lots of fur-rooot. Sangria?

I order her a glass of sangria. She takes a sip. Oh Sinah, they put a lot of alcohol. We shuld tell dem not to put too much.

Is so’kay. Not too much ish okay. I drink a little.

Towards the end of the first quarter, I look over and she worked her way through half her sangria, eating the wings like there was no tomorrow, making comments and chuckling to herself.

Mom, slow down. Don’t drink too much if its strong.

Yeah, its strong and I think I der-runk. So’kay, okay, I finish all.

I had to stop her. Geez, mom, please do not down the rest of your sangria.

My mom does not drink very often but it was very entertaining to see her surrounded with my friends, watching the game and eating hot wings at Hooters.

Mom and Will

Angela + John Cordero

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing Angela and John’s special day at Maderas Golf Club. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day.

As much as I enjoy photographing still images…

Here are my favorite images…

When a mother, who had on the very same veil she wore on her own wedding day, gets to put it on her daughter today.

When he is laying there nervously on top of 4 chairs, anxiously waiting to be her side.

And when he cannot take his eyes off his very, very soon to be wife.

When minister Jerry is re-telling their story. The story of the day they first met.

When his son is a part of his special day.

When the rings are not captured on pillows or flowers but right before they placed on.

When the flower girl does what she does best, throws flowers.

These are the moments I look for, the key moments. Something Real. Something Special.

Congratulations Angela and John. I was hoping that I could photograph my way to Maui, HI. Take me. Take me. Have I ever told you that I love to travel? I will have the rest of images ready in a few weeks, there were so many more I wanted to post but I had to stop myself. Happy Honeymoon!

Oh and I am obsessed with your dress and veil. Do you think I could borrow it for .. hmmm… perhaps for a cocktail night?

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Vendors: Please contact me with your info so I may also share with others the amazing work done for this wedding to come together.

My brown eyed girl.

The song came to my head as I was going through the collection of photos taken from this past weekend.  Kamille, you are a beautiful brown eyed little girl.

I wanted to post a couple photographs to get you through your Memorial weekend.  Really, this was not for me but for you.  Okay, it was more for me.  I get so darn excited and I cannot wait to show off what I oohed and ahhhed over when I previewed these images.

She is absolutely adorable and she makes me laugh.

Jan and Charles, congratulations – You two are Wonderful Parents.  Enjoy and feel free to copy and paste the images.