Haute Yoga. Makes you so darn Hot!

Well, thats my goal at least.  My friend has been telling me about a yoga place that she likes so much better than.. well, I don’t  want to mention the place that starts with B and ends with an M Yoga.  I decided to join her and try out their 7 day free trial period.  I even thought, I am not going to sign up after that – just need to make use of free.

I joined her this past Monday.

Shoot, I don’t have a yoga mat.  Darn sister took mine and never gave it back on purpose just like my Denise Austin’s Yoga DVD. Crap, I forgot my wallet and I am wearing sneakers.  Ooops and a towel too.  Sorry Raf, can I borrow a towel, $2.00 for the mat rental and ms. front desk lady – can I bring my ID tomorrow?  They were nice enough to let me through.

The class was packed but it smelled so much better than yoga place that starts with a B and ends with an M.  During the 60 minute session, it was completely relaxing.  They pushed you but not to the point of I want to faint, lay down and stare at the ceiling til class is over.  They talked the entire time about letting go of all the little things and the big things too, to love yourself and even thanked you for being you.  It worked, I wanted to hug myself and give myself high five by end of class.  During our deep relaxation pose, she hovered over me and tapped me with menthol/tiger balm, waved her arms in a circular motion to pass on good energy, walked over to Raf and said “You’re an Angel”  Believe you me, Raf liked hearing that. She nodded her head and thought yes I am.  Thank you ma’am.

The only thing, where are the people  with the jelly donut roll?  Well, minus me of course (I want that).    I’m going to have that.  I am definitely addicted to this place and the people that teach the class.  I have been there 3 times and liked all of the instructors.  Thank you Shane Robson.  Thank you Cindy Lee.  Thank you Caroline Fitzgerald.  Thank you for being you.

Because I enjoyed it so much, I would like to offer a 10% discount to the members and employees of Haute Yoga.  Thank you for being so HOT!

Click here to check out Haute Yoga

Lake Miramar

I’ve been trying to get back in the exercise routine, you know 3-4 days a week of a good workout, convince myself “I’m so pumped to run” before I can convince myself I have better things to do.. catch up on recorded shows. I mean, I literally have to get my butt out of bed, into my jogging suit, brew my morning cup of coffee, and quickly walk out thedoor before I have second thoughts. The little man on my left shoulder can be quite convincing. Plus don’t you love being out in the morning, it is my favorite time of the day. Its the most peaceful, quiet time I get to myself, a sense of clarity before my brain becomes a cluttered mess, when breakfast is a must and carbs are usually forgiven even though I forgive it all day.

It was especially gorgeous this morning, the morning after the rain. The air was so crisp and clean. I went over to Miramar Lake – where most exercists goes (exercists not exorcists … I don’t even care if its not a real word. Doesn’t it sound much cooler than the exercise enthusiasts). Its a 5 mile path around the lake, I encourage everyone to come out before you head to work or after work or even on the weekends to rollerblade, bike, run, jog, walk your dog(s)/cat(s), take your time and sina stroll. Once you reach the 4.5 marker, you get a sense of accomplishment and a beautiful view of the city.Here are some photos I took with my point and shoot camera from today.

Thank you Sheila for letting me join you. Good thing too or that large dog with sharp fangs would have licked Kona to death and you would have peed in your pants.

{December 14th, 2009}