Irvine Lake Mud Run Fun

Thank you Cyndee for signing us all up and doing all the grunt work of calling and arranging all this mud fun get-together. You are awesome. And Hillary, thanks for making me run 3.7 of the 3.8 ( .1 of the steepest hill ever almost killed me) miles of the way with you. I needed the push and the company. Of course nothing completes a dirty run with a nice cold beer and thai food with good live music.

Another date, same favorite breakfast place…

We steered away from the usual and tried something new.  Hash House A GO GO’s Sage fried Chicken & Bacon Waffles.  Whoever thought of putting bacon in the middle of your waffles and dashing it with yummy syrup, oh and frying the chicken with cereal batter is a GENIUUUUUUS!  Oh the belly.  The belly is happy.

Dish May Appear Smaller Here Than Their Actual Size.

Hair is pulled back and it is serious time.

It is who has the bigger belly contest.

Of course I am so competitive, I won.

Celebrating another New year.

Sin-ah?  You want to go with me to the Thai Temple up on the mountain.  Is so much fun, si-nah.  They have so much food.  A lot of  food, you will like it.

How is my mom going to entice me with food?  She does this all the time.  FUN = Lots of FOOD.  Especially when its free.  2 of my favorite words.

I didn’t want to go at first.  Thinking.  Its far.  I will be so tired from the mud run.  My scheduled diet is to start on Sunday since I couldnt start it the day of the mud run (huge food/beer garden fest.  Why is there always a fest of some sort).  Last week, I was treated to a carbo-fest of more seafood tacos.

It is Cambodian New Year (Thailand & Laos also celebrate this as their new year) and my diet is suppose to start on a Monday anyways.

Okay, mom.  I’ll take you.

Ask Shella and Quoc and all your friends.  They will like it.  Tell them, a lot of food for them to eat.

She was even more excited when I took my camera with me to document the event.  I forget my family appreciates a photo or 2.  I need to get better at that.

Si-nah. Here take my picture by the monk house. And show the mountain in the back.

Uh.  Mom, you are sorta crooked… nevermind.
Did, I ever mention that growing up I had no idea how to match my clothes.

When I photograph my family, rarely do I tell them how to pose.  Well, for one, my mom knows how to pose.  And two, I want to capture it the way they are.

I don’t know about your family, had there been flowers, she would have pulled the flower closer to her face and smiled for the camera with the flower right next to her face.

Happy New Year everyone. Happy Cambodian, Laos, and Thai New Year!

A Perfect Date on a Friday night.

First pound 9 fish tacos at the Brigantine (Kris – my son thanks you, Shella thanks you, my other son,  Alex thanks you, and my belly thanks you)  SO good.  Off to Smart and Final to satisfy our sweet tooth…. a whole box of individually wrapped CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE ICING, and perfect to eat with a SNORT out loud movie DATE NIGHT in a theatre near you.

*On Tuesdays, its only $2.00
*You must dine in the bar area to get the fish tacos a la carte. Kid friendly. My son enjoys the special on tap.

*Seriously, I am not lying.  The fish tacos are so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

Take me where my eyes have not seen before…

and I am like a little kid at a candy store.   I am in love.

This past weekend I went camping with Kris in Anza Borrego, met some of the locals there, played pool very very poorly and drank like I was sailor (is that right or is it swear like a sailor?). It was the most fun I had in a very long time.  Its just too bad I took a 5 hour nap at 5 and did not wake up til close to 10pm. Its too bad I didn’t see any shooting stars but it was a gorgeous night covered with stars.

We also met Don, CEO of the Niland Club Cafe, a jokester and a total sweetheart. He will sit you down with a few brain teasers (teased my brain!) and watch you, and I quote, while steam is coming out of your ears. And Don, steam was not coming out of my ears, another Budweiser please. I am so on to him, drink up and everything just might make more sense.

Again great company, cheap drinks and if you are looking for spicy olives stuffed with habanero peppers, this is the place.

JR, an 82 year old local we met from the Iron Door. He invited us over to his place and we chatted a bit, when it was time to leave, Kris gladly threw me under the bus and blamed it on my growling tummy. Its a good thing, I was in a hiccupy state to even mind.

Places I’ve visited:

Salvation Mountain

I had the pleasure of meeting Leonard Knight who created Salvation Mountain which has been designated as a National Folk Art. He is one of the nicest man you will ever meet and will happily give you a tour of his mountain.  If he walks away from you while you are talking to him, he is not ignoring you. He has trouble hearing unless you are 3 inches away.  Too bad the lady who was praising his artwork to him didn’t know that.

And a hop skip away is Slab City.

Celebrities like Kid Rock, have made their way into Slab City and performed onstage at The Range.

Second row seating, yah baby!

Check out Into The Wild, a movie based on a true story  of an honors Graduate from Emory University named Christopher McCandless. Part of his life took place here, where few scenes from the movie was filmed.

McCandless was facscinated by Leo Tolstoy, a novelist who gave up a life of wealth and privilege to wander among the destitute, and so he decided to donate his savings to Oxford Famine Relief Fund and hitchhike to Alaska with the intention to reinvent a new life for himself.

Here’s a quote from Outside Magazine “Death of an Innocent” written about Christopher McCandless.

“I don’t want to know what time it is,” Alex declared cheerfully. “I don’t want to know what day it is, or where I am. None of that matters.

Its not unusual to see vehicles painted or decorated with trinkets, gadgets, and gizmos.

The Salton Sea use to be a popular resort and place for beachgoers everywhere to come party, often frequented by stars like Frank Sinatra, Sonny Bono, and the Beach Boys.

Today the Salton Sea is a century old and is dying from the rise of pesticides, excess salt collected from the Colorado River and the water with no where to run except to evaporate. If you look closely at the white sand along the sea, it is covered with remains of dead tilapia and other sea life that were unable to exist due to high level of salt and pollutants that inhabit the sea.

A volcanic rock formed into glass.

Thank you so much Kris, I learned so much and saw so much in the 2 days I was out there.  From mud pots to fields of beautiful flowers to volcanic glass and pumice stones to beautiful Anza Borrego in the springtime to seeing a rattlesnake and having the best beers Milwaukee has to offer.  Oh and the best Caramel Pecan Apple Pie from Apple Valley that Julian has to offer.  Sooo gooood in my belly.  Yum yum!  And a huge thanks for stopping every time there was a photo op, and for allowing me to be a bunny in a field of flowers and for letting me photograph you as a bunny in a field of flowers. HA. I think the photos will speak volumes cause I could go on.

An abandoned adobe mineral springs spa resort by the Salton Sea.

Mud Pots

Ew. I hate snakes. Why is he looking at me, well, he’s looking at Kris. I would not, will not get that close.

Thank goodness for stretch jeans…

That way I can still be ladylike and not unbutton my jeans when my belly is full of goodness.  Street tacos for a dollah.  Yup, $1.00.  Hello?!  Holla (by the way, had to check out The Urban Dictionary to make sure I spelled that correctly)!  So back to what I was saying, Tacos soooo goood.  You don’t even pay up front.  You tell them you want 2, 3 0r 4 tacos – choose your meat, carnitas, asada, pollo… whatever and come back for another round or 2 and pay when your stretch jeans can no longer stre-e-e-e-tch.

Its located in Escondido on the corner of 9th and Escondido in a tiny market.  Delicious.

For those yelpers, Even Yelp has a few reviews.

Seeing is to believe, so I took some with my little point and shoot.  Sorry about the blur but I was excited…

Seriously, look at all that!  They do not hold back.

I do not mess around when it comes to cheap but good food.

Give credit where credit is due.  Thank you Tricia.  Thank you Shella.  Also, thank you for a wonderful date night.  It was a tear jerker, thanks for the tissue.  So after we smelled like street tacos with onion breath, we watched The Last Song with Miley Cyrus. Don’t laugh, cause we cried pretty hard.

Downtown Solana Beach

It was so much fun walking around Solana Beach today.  I live so close and barely take advantage.  Java Depot, coffee good, cookie goooood plus an awesome place to socialize with friends and free wifi?!!  The boutiques Lovely.  Cupcake Love.  MMMmmmm.. I love.  Ya, I love you so much I had both in one sitting.  Pizza Port, ya’ll know they have great beer and pizza.  Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous day.

By the way, friends I love.  Love you friends.