Rylen | San Diego | Turns 1 | Lifestyle Sessions

So I was dealing with a very happy child. I had to stand back, resist the temptation – to squeeze, smother, kiss and hug him uncontrollably. I felt like Elmyra from Tiny Toons: Come ‘ere my little chubby wubby, I’m gonna hug you and kiss you, and love you and hug you and kiss you… Rylen, you are so freakin’ adorable! It felt like it was just.. I always say this but it’s so true… it felt like yesterday when Uyen gave birth to this bubbly little boy. Happy Birthday Rylen! You are almost 1 and you have a case of the smileys AND it IS contagious.

I mean couldn’t stop smiling out loud.  Yes, out loud.  I told my computer several times how adorable you are.  I had many favorites, in fact, I couldn’t decide if him looking left was cuter than him looking right. I tried my best to limit the photos I post here.  Uyen & Richard, here is a look at your handsome son’s photo session.

He did a pretty good job cleaning up the mean streets of Solana Beach

Its always so sad to say bye but he does make up for it with his smile.

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Aya | She turns one | La Jolla

She sends me a text, inviting me to be part of a big day, it had been a year since I have seen her. Angela asked if I wouldn’t mind coming out to photograph her little girl’s BIG day, baby Aya. Of course, I would not & could not pass up the opportunity. I was excited to see Aya again, this time instead of curled up… 1 year later, to see her walking and with teeth!

It was decked out with butterfly decor: water bottles, PINK chocolate on a stick (so very cool), cupcake toppers and butterfly sandwiches without crust (thanks mom). She even had 3 different types of cake: two towers of cupcakes galore, a beautiful center cake and her very own smash cake. Once again, very cool. Angela said: I have been ready for this day, perhaps, even before she was born.  I couldn’t agree more.  Now…. I just might need someone to make my birthday feel just as special. You did an amazing job Angela.. with the birthday, and with Aya. She is full of smiles.

Of course, it isnt a party without having a “boy meet girl” moment.

…and a little bit of face painting fun.

I couldn’t resist.. I saved the best for last. Her and I share something in common, especially when I laugh this hard.

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Happy 80th Grandpa Noe!

Dear Grandpa Noe,

First I would like to say: Happy happy happy 80th birthday. This is such a wonderful mark in your life. You and Tessie both raised an amazing family of 18. Four sons, four daughters and 8 very beautiful grandkids. You must be so proud and I feel very lucky to have met your family and to be a part of your special moment. Here is a look at my favorite images:

What happens when you ask the boys to give their moms big hugs…

Or when you ask the girls to give kisses in front of the camera.

Grandpa Noe, your family was so much fun and so full of love, hugs, and kisses.

And they are just absolutely full of cuteness. I really do want to pinch her dimpled cheeks!

I hope you have a beautiful 80th birthday weekend with your family and friends. I wish you many more years of happiness and love. =)

Janet, thank you for the opportunity and once again, Michelle, thank you for the referral. Love you girls!

Lucena & Giampaoli Family : San Diego : Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

I am completely and truly blessed, thankful, and so very lucky…

I have the opportunity to meet such amazing families, couples and kids. Almost immediately, I feel like I am a part of your family.

I am so very thankful to receive the love and referrals that have been coming in each month. Michelle, thank you. Maribelle, your family, your father, your mother – oh my gosh, I just want to hug all of you. I am so lucky to have met all of you.

Happy 45th Aniversary Maxie and Ted Lucena!  And happy happy 70th birthday Mom.

Hmmm…. I am noticing a pattern here. Teddy has his hands in his pocket while Mirabelle and Mary were more than happy lean in and just give big hugs!!!!!

And Sam here is doing the same thing.

I get to ask Dad to give Mom a few birthday kisses in front of their grown children and hear the awwws around me. We all get to witness his Rico Suave side.

When I get home, I have to decide which of the 5 images I am keeping. They are exactly the same except for the expressions on the children’s faces.

Mirabelle, just so you know, I am a fan of your family. You all are so cute, thanks for being silly with me 🙂

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The Mack Family : Maui, Hawaii : Destination

It was such a smart idea, why not? We are in Maui for goodness sakes! The island of happiness, it is not disneyland. It is Maui. An absolutely beautiful island with so much to see, do and EAT! Gemini sent me an email to set up a family session since we were both there for a wedding for a special couple, I was very excited to be given such a wonderful opportunity!

Upon meeting them, Dominic had just woken up from his nap, and Liana was like me, “Island of paradise, come to me!!!!” She just couldn’t wait to get in the water. Neither could I. I don’t blame you for being a kid at a candy store.

So the goal was to get everyone to look at me, I just needed a second of their time, maybe even 2. It was fun, but we all know what my favorite images are: Just the way they are. Moments captured. Not picture perfect but picture worthy – full of personality and life.

Gemini, John: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Here is a look at your session with me.

Liana amuses me. Ha!

One out of 4. Getting so close.

Just because Gemini looks great. =)

See.. Liana loves Maui. I love Maui too. Liana, you can hold my hand anytime and we can run up and down the beach kicking sand and water.

This is my fav.

Last, this is just funny. I wanted her to do whatever she wanted.
This picture is for you Liana. This is one you will share with your friends, Lil’ Miss Independent.

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Lovestruck Makeup & Hair Artistry

I had the pleasure of meeting these 2 lovely ladies from Lovestruck Makeup & Hair Artistry. Jessica and Carrie were such a blast to shoot, and they are my kinda peeps.

Jessica, the owner of Lovestruck was sweet enough to offer 10% off her services to any client of mine. Take advantage ladies!!!!   Girrrrrl, you’re awesome!

Carrie & Jessica

Jessica – The Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

Carrie – The Hair Artist

Check out Lovestruck here. She has been featured in Style Me Pretty and in the upcoming issue of Exquisite Magazine, plus she is also the winner channel 10 news A-List.

You may also contact her via facebook

Kamille’s big birthday bash – A Sweet 1st Birthday

I have been photographing the Manalili’s family since Jan and Charles were first engaged, fast forward 3 years later, her daughter has turned 1. Time really does fly.

I was thrilled to be able to capture the very much anticipated birthday for Kamille. Chinese take-out boxes filled with treats. Kai Lan goody bags. Kai Lan decorated red velvet cake specially made for sweet Kamille. And who says you can’t have a photo booth with a backdrop of Kai Lan and friends set up for children between 12 inches and 2 feet tall? It is the rage nowadays. Did I mention Kamille loves Kai Lan?

Happy Birthday Kamille! I hope you will one day look back and ask your parents to please re-create this for your sweet 16…

Let’s dance Dad.

Some VIP guests at the exclusive birthday bash.

Every time I come across this photo, I cannot help but laugh. She was so upset there was overabundance of sprinkle spillage onto her beautifully coated sugar cookie. 😦 but also kinda 😉

Well, it’s not only for children between 12 inches to 2 feet tall…

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