Understanding Mom

We had a great Sunday at the annual San Diego Fair for Father’s Day. We gorged on everything our nose led us to – BBQ corn (I am salivating just thinking about it), clam chowder, cream puffs, and corn dogs dipped into a  sweet potato batter.  We walked down aisles and aisles of “what should I buy this year”,  oohed and awed over  this year’s best of show, enjoyed lunch in the middle of the landscape and garden exhibit, and watched my competitive 5’4 father eagar to win us a giant size hippo with an odd-looking belly button (we got not one but 2) shooting hoops.  I know Kris.. shirt tight… could not make the ball in the basket… although you are 2x my father’s height.

My mom and Kris even checked out the minerals, jewelry, and gems at the Gem Faire. After spending some time with my mom, Kris felt like he starting to understand her.   He was understanding the words that were coming out her mouth!  Her accent is not very strong but she has her ways of describing things, places, and stories with sound effects, replacement words (nonsensical of course), and sometimes she may even act out a word here and there. I have caught him a few times during their past conversations with a blank stare. So he was excited to tell me that he could understand her.

“Sina, your mom was educating me on the gems and stones they had at the exhibit. She said the lighter the jade is, the more expensive they are.”

“Hmmm… interesting, I am pretty sure they are more expensive when the stone is darker.”

“She said the more lack in color, the more expensive it is.  Well.. Lack in color is less color, right?”

“I think she said, the more black in color.”

“But the stone was pink.”

“Yeah same thing, the more black in color. Dark means Black. Black is Dark”

Kris, please understand when the light is out, and it is dark all around you and you cannot see a thing, not even your white walls – it is black not dark.

Sisterly quarrel

Older vs Younger. Stubborn vs Sensitive. You vs You too. We fight exactly the way we did back in grade school. When I was 10 and she was 6. She would cry and I would get in trouble. She was sorry to make it all go away and I could never let go.

Here is just a taste of it (edited version, we swear like sailors) It happened today, I am 31 and she is 28:

Me: nope – you called me selfish. I was only responding to that comment.
Linda: you called me selfish first
Me: well….
Linda: i asked one time, and then i said ok!
Linda: what is your deal!!!!!!!!!
Me: what is your deal? my blood isn’t boiling.
Me: okay, I wont.
Me: dont matter to me
Me: ok
Linda: SAY SORRY. Honestly, you’re really freaking hurtful
I don’t know why you do this.
Me: So are you
Me: i was joking and then you called me selfish.
Linda: you called me selfish too
Me: ok fine – i am sorry
Linda: Sorry for the whatever
Me: done
Linda: why do you have to add the “done”
so disingenuious
Me: are we done? (I’m not mad at all- tone, in a – i am sorry tone)
Linda: i said i am sorry for saying whatever
Linda: what i mean is i cant say things to you, but you can say whatever to me
Me: okay fine
acceptd but i dont say whatever to you
Linda: i said sorry for that!
Me: ok, fine. I know
Linda: see how fast i can say that?
Linda: and how long it takes for you to apologize?
Me: Liiiiiiiiiiiiinda
quit it
Linda: you quit it
Me: this is getting annoying
you go on and on
Linda: you too
Me: sorry, seriously sorry.
Linda: ok im sorry too
Me: sorry i hurt your feelings
Linda: make me cry
Me: that is a sincere comment and i am truly sorry i made you cry
Not my intent
Linda: lol
Me: but it did make me laugh a little
Linda: you can come to la
Me: you laughed too
Linda: no i didnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: you just wrote lol
I laughed only a little
Linda: just to “sorry i made you cry”
Me: oh
Sorry i laughed a little
Linda: this reminds me when i drew that heart and cut it in half and then let it fall down the stairs*
Me: Now I am laughing hard.
Me: Really? I can’t laugh at that one even? You can’t do that. That was funny!

*She once drew a picture of a heart and 2 young girls to resemble us. She tore the paper in half for dramatic effects and dropped it over the banister as I walked by. I looked at it and rolled my eyes. Come on, I just got in trouble.

Angela + Amro & Aya

I was lucky to have met Angela & Amro right before they gave birth. Yes, I said, they. It takes 2 doesn’t it? The excitement, the anticipating, the caring and nurturing one another during the 9 month process. Angela was told it would be mid April that she would have her baby girl, but she knew better. In fact, we had scheduled her session on a Thursday, May 31st but she said “Let’s hope she is not out by then.” I really didn’t want to take that chance. I told her I would come by a few days early to shoot her and her maternity glow. Wednesday, the day before our initial session, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. A mother truly knows.

Meeting Aya – she was smiling right when I walked in the door. No joke. She was already happy to see me but the real truth, she happy to be in the comfort of Daddy’s arms. In fact, we had so many ideas for her, I mean, how active could a 6 day old baby be? Very. She just wanted to play, and cudde. I truly believe she was excited to meet her parents. Congratulations Angela & Amro! She is full of personality and she is so so beautiful.

Delicious Belgium Chocolates from Lebanon. Thanks Grandma.

Flowers for Mom

It has been awhile since I wrote about my mom on here but I have to share this.

My father has not been able to catch on that you buy your wife something nice on V-day, to him its just another day. Growing up, we didn’t celebrate birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.. well until my sister was born, they made more of an effort but they ran a 24 hour business so it was difficult. Now both are retired, and my mom reminds us of her upcoming birthday, mother’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year (in fact, she took the bedazzled party hats she received, and decorated her dining room table), Chinese New Year, Full Moon.. well you get the idea. These not so important holidays are now important, so how do you tell your husband?

You don’t. Every now and then, I buy her something nice to recognize these yearly holidays, even if there is one every month. It’s a reminder that we love her, care about her, and truly appreciate her.

But the best part… is this

She planted the calla lilies outside and left our card in the soil.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Take a moment to share this holiday with someone special or the friends and/or family in your life. It’s another day to celebrate LOVE. Make a date with friends. Cook dinner with your kids. Bring your mother flowers. Wait in line at Sprinkles with your husband. Love & Pay it forward to those around you. (This is my love face.)

I also wanted to share this with everyone:

So there was an ad in the Poway News Cheiftan and it asked readers to submit your love story in 300 words or less on how you met and your secrets to a successful relationship. They also asked for a high resolution photo. I, of course chose one you took from our engagement session which all came out sooo perfect. I picked up a copy of the magazine today and they not only chose to run my article, but they chose your photo to be on the February 2011 issue of Rancho North Inland Lifestyle Magazine!!! I was so excited to see it because I had no idea they would chose my article let alone put our photo on the cover! Thank you so much Sina for being my photographer, you are the best!


Thank you Serena, I am very happy to see the both of you on the cover of the magazine!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

If you want to know how they met, check it out on the Knot or their blog here.

An extremely fun and cute couple.   Love the both of you!

If you have stories to share, email me and we can post your stories here, along with any special photos you have.

Baja Trek

A 3 day weekend getaway into good ‘ole Baja.

Away from electronic devices. Placed into a bus full of perfect strangers. Coolers filled with Tecate and gallons of tequila. It was the perfect weekend getaway.

As soon as I approached the gates of the Tijuana border, instantly the smell of car exhaust filled my nostrils and I knew I was on vacation. We all met at the border, jumped onto Gus the Bus, traveled to Ensenada for the best fish & shrimp tacos and beers. And back onto the bus to our surprise destination – a secluded getaway into Erendira, a hostel and campground called Coyote Cal’s which sits on top of the cliff, overlooking Barney’s Cove.

There were 17 of us, some paired up and some that trekked alone – from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Pomona, San Francisco and San Diego. We were our own little community, a family that sat together for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. and shots!

Thanks Lulu for perfect tasting waffles. Beccah and Liam for being such a wonderful host, and playing a darn good game of poker. Nicco, what can I say? You are awesome!

Sand Dollars for Luck!

Check out Baja Trek for an inexpensive, quick weekend getaway to meet wonderful people and for a much needed stress relief, its recommended over tylenol and aspirin.

Here is a look at our little vacay!

Beauty & the Beach

After days of rain, we were blessed with a beautiful day at the beach. I feel very lucky to be able to have lunch with good friends and also take in the San Diego beachy air.

After finishing our yogurt, I looked over at the ocean, and at T, who was smiling from ear to ear. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

“Ooooh YES it is!”

Only to see she was watching a half naked guy wearing a teeny weenie bikini run in her line of sight.