Ana + Tim | Cordiano Winery | Escondido | Wedding

She quoted “You don’t marry someone you can live with… you marry someone you cannot live without.”  I see it, I see that. It’s in your photos, your expressions, your touch and your love for each other.  It is undeniable. Congratulations Ana and Tim.

Here is their beginning: Ana and Tim met through their persistent and mutual friend. He was eager to get the two of them together, knowing they would be perfect for one another. And he was right. It happened over a bbq and an instant attraction for one another… and a quick “let me fix myself up” before they began their first conversation.

And 2 years later, they stand together on top of the hills San Pasquel Valley, at a beautiful venue with a panoramic view of the city below. Now. Married. With family and friends from Romania, San Francisco and all over to celebrate their special day. To never living without one another.

A beautiful choreographed dance.

Photo credit: Chelsea Radzik

Photo credit: Chelsea Radzik

Cheers to the both of you. To love, wine, good food and life… and a happily ever after.

Thank you to all the vendors that assisted in putting this beautiful event together:

Photo assistant:
Chelsea Radzik

Wedding Venue:
Cordiano Winery
15732 Highland Valley Road
Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 469-9463

Signature Events
Kien Nguyen
818-625-5752 cell
760-994-0309 office

Michelle Gallagher

Claudette Bulaclac

Marshall + Melodie | Santa Monica | The Heart Bandits

It was set up at the end of Santa Monica Pier on a Saturday afternoon, 2 rows of strangers anticipating… with a rose in hand. The Heart Bandits involved volunteers, myself (I was lucky enough to witness and document this special day) and their two children.

There were curious bystanders and tourists.  Was it a flash mob?  A movie shoot?  Celebrities? Perhaps, a proposal.  As our anticipation grew, so did the crowd. No one could resist leaving…

Marvin of The Heart Bandits

The very awesome volunteers.

As she collected more than a handful of roses, she was greeted by 2 little surprises…

SO I am oblivious to what is really happening til I begin my edits. Aw man.. tears in my eyes. Tears in my eyes!!!! This is just the sweetest thing ever!

It is what they do best. Come up with a proposal to share for a lifetime. Beyond a lifetime.  Michele and Marvin of The Heart Bandits did it again. And Marshall, what a great surprise and gift all around.

And it was a gorgeous day to celebrate! Congratulations Marshall & Melodie! Happy engagement =) You have the cutest and sweetest kids.

Ah-mazing & what planet is he from?

Why does this make me so nervous?  Maybe I am from another planet.  Why are you being so nice?  What do you want?  Nothing?!

I met someone, let’s call him Harry at… should I say it, we met at.. a bar.  We spoke very little and he me asked where I was sitting and offered to buy my drink and bring it over.  I accepted his offer cause I don’t know how to say no to free.  2 minutes later, my beer arrived.  “Well, let me know when you are ready for your next.”

“Uhmmm.. ok, thanks.”

I finished my beer and went off to get another.  After I bought my own beer, he came by a few seconds later, “Looks like you already helped yourself to another beer, would you like another?”

“Uhmmm… ok, thanks.”  See, I already had a beer in hand and I still said yes to another. I don’t say no often.

He came with my beer, wished me a wonderful evening and left.

What???!!!!  No obligation to give my number, my attention, nothing.

So I did what any woman would do?  Yeah, I went after him…

I never posted this til now.  I wrote this over 2 years ago, I wrote about a complete stranger.  Someone I felt instantly comfortable with but couldn’t decide if it was a friendship or something more. After our exhange of numbers, we chatted and went out a few times. During the short time we spent together, he took me places I hadn’t seen before.  He bought my mom daffodils on a random day because I saw them alongside the road and wanted to pick them for her.  He made stops at every half mile mark just so I could snap photos of everything and nothing.  When I apologized for my frequent requests to stop, not once did he accept them and continued to stop just so he could see me smile. He shared his favorite books, songs, many many stories (some on repeat every now and then =) and places to eat. And I do love to eat. He was eager to please, he offered to show me somewhere new each weekend for the next 6 weeks.  But I was apprehensive, worried, and just darn indecisive… He walked away and I let go because you don’t really know what to do with the unknown.

It took me another year, the sight of daffodils and a long scenic desert drive to Las Vegas alone with my thoughts. That, even a year later, I was still thinking about him.  I felt it both in my heart and my gut. I was never gonna find anyone like him.

After my week long trip, I decided I was going to call… no, text… no, email.  I would email him.  And he replied… 

Once again, I went after him. =) But now, another year later, we are still together and we are getting married.

Kris –

My sister would gladly take you in as her brother, my mother would gladly replace her daughters for you, my father thinks you are his mini-me, a Mr. Do-It-Yourself, and my son will gladly call you anyday when he’s running late or off to run another “football” errand instead of his own mom.  You have brought back a bond between my father and I, that hasn’t been there since my teen years.  You have done so much for me and my family. I still can’t believe it happened over daffodils.  We love you.  I love you Kris.

Thank you for my fairytale. Btw, you are still from another planet…. But take me to your planet anyday.  😉  I cannot wait to start our next collage together.

AAAAAAAND…. the best part of all this, I get to photograph my own ring for a change!!!!!!

Rylen | San Diego | Turns 1 | Lifestyle Sessions

So I was dealing with a very happy child. I had to stand back, resist the temptation – to squeeze, smother, kiss and hug him uncontrollably. I felt like Elmyra from Tiny Toons: Come ‘ere my little chubby wubby, I’m gonna hug you and kiss you, and love you and hug you and kiss you… Rylen, you are so freakin’ adorable! It felt like it was just.. I always say this but it’s so true… it felt like yesterday when Uyen gave birth to this bubbly little boy. Happy Birthday Rylen! You are almost 1 and you have a case of the smileys AND it IS contagious.

I mean couldn’t stop smiling out loud.  Yes, out loud.  I told my computer several times how adorable you are.  I had many favorites, in fact, I couldn’t decide if him looking left was cuter than him looking right. I tried my best to limit the photos I post here.  Uyen & Richard, here is a look at your handsome son’s photo session.

He did a pretty good job cleaning up the mean streets of Solana Beach

Its always so sad to say bye but he does make up for it with his smile.

Family + Friends: Permission to copy, paste, or use the images above to share with your family and friends.

Beth + Brian | San Diego | Lifestyle Session

With the due date quickly approaching, we had to pick a date… rain or shine.

It had been pouring rain the day before, and a forecast of continued rain for the next few days.  A possibility of rescheduling our shoot? Oh…. it could not have been more perfect, the rain god was on our side or perhaps, we had a bit of luck from the soon to be mom and dad.

The sun was out, it was dry, and she bought new shoes!  It was the perfect day for a shoot.

Now if we could only get the wind to cooperate…

To capture this.

Beth, it was so good to see you again and this time, with your pregnancy glow. I had such a wonderful time shooting both of you.

I hope your luck with the weather brought some luck to our Padres that day. =)

Family + Friends: Permission to copy, paste, or use the images above to share with your family and friends.

Tis the season to be giving…

We are competitive.  We do what it takes to one-up one another – food, sports, and now, photos.  I will take a picture, he’ll look at it, “That’s nice” and try to one-up me! “Mine is better than yours.”  Perhaps.  Perhaps, he has one-upped me OR can we say I have taught him well… my little grasshoppah?  We took this weekend of relaxation, a little getaway from our usual routine and it turned into a little competition… a friendly competition.  I’d like to call it!  He calls it the Photo ProAm.  Dueling vantage points from our iphones to show our similarities and differences.

Our competition gave me an idea to get everyone involved and to give away a session this holiday season.  There are 13 sets of images below, mine and the Grasshoppah’s side by side.  You have to decide which image I took. To answer, post the set number and answer  (left side) with A  or (right side) with B to figure out which photo I took by posting it here or on facebook.

Example:  1. A (Sina’s) B (Grasshoppah’s) OR
1. Photo A (Sina’s)

The winner receives a 30 minute session, shot on-location in San Diego, with Vaylia Photography.  You will get to choose 5 digital negatives from the session and receive 25 (3.5×5) prints of one choice image.  In the event of a tie, a drawing will determine the winner.  I will post the answer on November 29th.  Good luck!!!

11/29/11 UPDATE:  I posted the answers above each photo for everyone.  There is a 3 way tie with only 3 incorrect:  Cyndee, Laura, and Mirabelle.  Lil’ Broozer helped me choose the winner:

Tis the Season Winner… from Sina Ngov on Vimeo.

San Juan Capistrano

1.  B (Sina)

2.  B (Sina)

3.  A (Sina)

4. A (Sina)

5.  B (Sina)

6.  A (Sina)  a gimme.

7.  B (Sina)

8.  A (Sina)


9.  A (Sina)

Downtown San Diego

10.  A (Sina)

11.  A (Sina) but I wished I shot B… he got me while I was trying on clothes and was distracted. =(

12.  A (Sina)

13.  B (Sina) 

He had his way… Of making us all happy.

If he could have his way, he would.. oh wait, but he did.

Once everyone was in bed and sound asleep, he made his way and found the perfect spot – soft, warm and just the right size, on top of the forbidden couch but he made sure he was off before anyone was awake.

When everyone left for a game of basketball, he made his way and found the perfect bucket of KFC. All 20 pieces of them.

When I left for vacation, and had a friend housesit for a week, he watched, learned, and figured out how to turn the doorknob to my room. He lied on top of my bed, like he was king of the throne.

When he was left outside, he had an anxiety of being alone so he somehow managed over time to claw a hole into our side door. He happily found his way into the garage and back safe inside the house.

Or when he was not allowed inside my mom’s house, he stayed put right outside, right next to the opened door. Once her back was turned, he would duck his 75 lb body close to floor and tip toe past my mother and over to me. When it was safe, he would wag his entire butt and tail to greet me hello, and do his multiple victory dance/laps inside the house. He knew he had his way.

During our walks, he had this overly obnoxious way of protecting me. He was the “Marly” that could not be trained (3 animal trainers, many books of training dogs for stupid people later – it did not work), he showed you he could do it for a couple of weeks and resort back to his old ways of pulling, barking, sniffing, and marking.

He was definitely smarter than his owner. He always had his way…

It was a surprise, this past week, that night when he was barely able to get himself up. It took so much out of him to get up and walk a few steps but he managed to sit right next to me. After trying to figure out his diagnosis with no conclusive findings, we decided to take him into the Animal Hospital and found out he had a ruptured tumor. A tumor, the size of a football had ruptured inside, causing internal bleeding and an incredible amount of blood loss… And I just wanted to have my way… for him to stay with me… an extra hour to 1/2 hour to.. please, 5 more minutes. But of course, he had his way, it was time for me to thank him for the 9 wonderful years he had given me. Thank you Rusty. Thank you. Thank you for cleaning up the kitchen floor everytime there was a spillage. Thank you for keeping Shella warm with your “body heht”. Thank you for resisting Quoc’s dirty food temptations (you showed him). Thank you for allowing my parents to be creative with their garden so you wouldn’t have a new stomping ground. Thank you for making Teena itch everytime you jumped on her. Thank you for putting up with a full house (condo) when your Auntie Linda and Martin stayed with us. Thank you for all the tears you wiped off. Thank you for your overwhelming “welcome home” greetings at the door even if I was only gone for 2 seconds. Thank you taking Christmas photos every year with Brandyn and me dressed up – scarf/tie/hat and all. Thank you for wearing that tutu. I love everything about you.

This is how he greets hello.

Caught on the sofa.

I donated my hair for a real good cause.

He was not really a hugger, but I was.

Getting him ready for holiday photos

Everyone looks perfect here and my eyes are closed.