Marshall + Melodie | Santa Monica | The Heart Bandits

It was set up at the end of Santa Monica Pier on a Saturday afternoon, 2 rows of strangers anticipating… with a rose in hand. The Heart Bandits involved volunteers, myself (I was lucky enough to witness and document this special day) and their two children.

There were curious bystanders and tourists.  Was it a flash mob?  A movie shoot?  Celebrities? Perhaps, a proposal.  As our anticipation grew, so did the crowd. No one could resist leaving…

Marvin of The Heart Bandits

The very awesome volunteers.

As she collected more than a handful of roses, she was greeted by 2 little surprises…

SO I am oblivious to what is really happening til I begin my edits. Aw man.. tears in my eyes. Tears in my eyes!!!! This is just the sweetest thing ever!

It is what they do best. Come up with a proposal to share for a lifetime. Beyond a lifetime.  Michele and Marvin of The Heart Bandits did it again. And Marshall, what a great surprise and gift all around.

And it was a gorgeous day to celebrate! Congratulations Marshall & Melodie! Happy engagement =) You have the cutest and sweetest kids.

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