Ah-mazing & what planet is he from?

Why does this make me so nervous?  Maybe I am from another planet.  Why are you being so nice?  What do you want?  Nothing?!

I met someone, let’s call him Harry at… should I say it, we met at.. a bar.  We spoke very little and he me asked where I was sitting and offered to buy my drink and bring it over.  I accepted his offer cause I don’t know how to say no to free.  2 minutes later, my beer arrived.  “Well, let me know when you are ready for your next.”

“Uhmmm.. ok, thanks.”

I finished my beer and went off to get another.  After I bought my own beer, he came by a few seconds later, “Looks like you already helped yourself to another beer, would you like another?”

“Uhmmm… ok, thanks.”  See, I already had a beer in hand and I still said yes to another. I don’t say no often.

He came with my beer, wished me a wonderful evening and left.

What???!!!!  No obligation to give my number, my attention, nothing.

So I did what any woman would do?  Yeah, I went after him…

I never posted this til now.  I wrote this over 2 years ago, I wrote about a complete stranger.  Someone I felt instantly comfortable with but couldn’t decide if it was a friendship or something more. After our exhange of numbers, we chatted and went out a few times. During the short time we spent together, he took me places I hadn’t seen before.  He bought my mom daffodils on a random day because I saw them alongside the road and wanted to pick them for her.  He made stops at every half mile mark just so I could snap photos of everything and nothing.  When I apologized for my frequent requests to stop, not once did he accept them and continued to stop just so he could see me smile. He shared his favorite books, songs, many many stories (some on repeat every now and then =) and places to eat. And I do love to eat. He was eager to please, he offered to show me somewhere new each weekend for the next 6 weeks.  But I was apprehensive, worried, and just darn indecisive… He walked away and I let go because you don’t really know what to do with the unknown.

It took me another year, the sight of daffodils and a long scenic desert drive to Las Vegas alone with my thoughts. That, even a year later, I was still thinking about him.  I felt it both in my heart and my gut. I was never gonna find anyone like him.

After my week long trip, I decided I was going to call… no, text… no, email.  I would email him.  And he replied… 

Once again, I went after him. =) But now, another year later, we are still together and we are getting married.

Kris –

My sister would gladly take you in as her brother, my mother would gladly replace her daughters for you, my father thinks you are his mini-me, a Mr. Do-It-Yourself, and my son will gladly call you anyday when he’s running late or off to run another “football” errand instead of his own mom.  You have brought back a bond between my father and I, that hasn’t been there since my teen years.  You have done so much for me and my family. I still can’t believe it happened over daffodils.  We love you.  I love you Kris.

Thank you for my fairytale. Btw, you are still from another planet…. But take me to your planet anyday.  😉  I cannot wait to start our next collage together.

AAAAAAAND…. the best part of all this, I get to photograph my own ring for a change!!!!!!

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