He had his way… Of making us all happy.

If he could have his way, he would.. oh wait, but he did.

Once everyone was in bed and sound asleep, he made his way and found the perfect spot – soft, warm and just the right size, on top of the forbidden couch but he made sure he was off before anyone was awake.

When everyone left for a game of basketball, he made his way and found the perfect bucket of KFC. All 20 pieces of them.

When I left for vacation, and had a friend housesit for a week, he watched, learned, and figured out how to turn the doorknob to my room. He lied on top of my bed, like he was king of the throne.

When he was left outside, he had an anxiety of being alone so he somehow managed over time to claw a hole into our side door. He happily found his way into the garage and back safe inside the house.

Or when he was not allowed inside my mom’s house, he stayed put right outside, right next to the opened door. Once her back was turned, he would duck his 75 lb body close to floor and tip toe past my mother and over to me. When it was safe, he would wag his entire butt and tail to greet me hello, and do his multiple victory dance/laps inside the house. He knew he had his way.

During our walks, he had this overly obnoxious way of protecting me. He was the “Marly” that could not be trained (3 animal trainers, many books of training dogs for stupid people later – it did not work), he showed you he could do it for a couple of weeks and resort back to his old ways of pulling, barking, sniffing, and marking.

He was definitely smarter than his owner. He always had his way…

It was a surprise, this past week, that night when he was barely able to get himself up. It took so much out of him to get up and walk a few steps but he managed to sit right next to me. After trying to figure out his diagnosis with no conclusive findings, we decided to take him into the Animal Hospital and found out he had a ruptured tumor. A tumor, the size of a football had ruptured inside, causing internal bleeding and an incredible amount of blood loss… And I just wanted to have my way… for him to stay with me… an extra hour to 1/2 hour to.. please, 5 more minutes. But of course, he had his way, it was time for me to thank him for the 9 wonderful years he had given me. Thank you Rusty. Thank you. Thank you for cleaning up the kitchen floor everytime there was a spillage. Thank you for keeping Shella warm with your “body heht”. Thank you for resisting Quoc’s dirty food temptations (you showed him). Thank you for allowing my parents to be creative with their garden so you wouldn’t have a new stomping ground. Thank you for making Teena itch everytime you jumped on her. Thank you for putting up with a full house (condo) when your Auntie Linda and Martin stayed with us. Thank you for all the tears you wiped off. Thank you for your overwhelming “welcome home” greetings at the door even if I was only gone for 2 seconds. Thank you taking Christmas photos every year with Brandyn and me dressed up – scarf/tie/hat and all. Thank you for wearing that tutu. I love everything about you.

This is how he greets hello.

Caught on the sofa.

I donated my hair for a real good cause.

He was not really a hugger, but I was.

Getting him ready for holiday photos

Everyone looks perfect here and my eyes are closed.

8 thoughts on “He had his way… Of making us all happy.

  1. I am trying my hardest not to uncontrollably cry at work while reading this. this entire week, i go about my business and laugh and then all of sudden the thought of never seeing rusty again, not having the chance to say good-bye, and missing his greet when i come home strikes me and i break out in tears. rusty, i will always love despite you always having your way, will always miss sneaking you my food even though it’s not good for you, and will always be grateful for keeping us all company.

    sina, thanks for sharing, this made me feel better too.

  2. I hope you don’t mind that Shella
    shared this with me. It is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful family member of yours. I am sorry for your loss, but am touched with the love that you and Rusty shared over the years.

    Mindy Wilson (Co-worker of Shella’s and fellow dog lover)

  3. Sina, I’m so sorry to hear about Rusty. What a beautiful good-bye letter, I’m sorry I won’t get the chance to try and train him. Isn’t it amazing how a furry four legged creature can get right down to the core of us? No matter what they do, or chew or pee on we still love them anyways… That makes them so special! In the animal world it’s called going over the ” rainbow bridge”, I’m sure Rusty wagged his entire butt the whole way! RIP Rusty you are forever stamped in our hearts!

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