Understanding Mom

We had a great Sunday at the annual San Diego Fair for Father’s Day. We gorged on everything our nose led us to – BBQ corn (I am salivating just thinking about it), clam chowder, cream puffs, and corn dogs dipped into a  sweet potato batter.  We walked down aisles and aisles of “what should I buy this year”,  oohed and awed over  this year’s best of show, enjoyed lunch in the middle of the landscape and garden exhibit, and watched my competitive 5’4 father eagar to win us a giant size hippo with an odd-looking belly button (we got not one but 2) shooting hoops.  I know Kris.. shirt tight… could not make the ball in the basket… although you are 2x my father’s height.

My mom and Kris even checked out the minerals, jewelry, and gems at the Gem Faire. After spending some time with my mom, Kris felt like he starting to understand her.   He was understanding the words that were coming out her mouth!  Her accent is not very strong but she has her ways of describing things, places, and stories with sound effects, replacement words (nonsensical of course), and sometimes she may even act out a word here and there. I have caught him a few times during their past conversations with a blank stare. So he was excited to tell me that he could understand her.

“Sina, your mom was educating me on the gems and stones they had at the exhibit. She said the lighter the jade is, the more expensive they are.”

“Hmmm… interesting, I am pretty sure they are more expensive when the stone is darker.”

“She said the more lack in color, the more expensive it is.  Well.. Lack in color is less color, right?”

“I think she said, the more black in color.”

“But the stone was pink.”

“Yeah same thing, the more black in color. Dark means Black. Black is Dark”

Kris, please understand when the light is out, and it is dark all around you and you cannot see a thing, not even your white walls – it is black not dark.

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