Angela + Amro & Aya

I was lucky to have met Angela & Amro right before they gave birth. Yes, I said, they. It takes 2 doesn’t it? The excitement, the anticipating, the caring and nurturing one another during the 9 month process. Angela was told it would be mid April that she would have her baby girl, but she knew better. In fact, we had scheduled her session on a Thursday, May 31st but she said “Let’s hope she is not out by then.” I really didn’t want to take that chance. I told her I would come by a few days early to shoot her and her maternity glow. Wednesday, the day before our initial session, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. A mother truly knows.

Meeting Aya – she was smiling right when I walked in the door. No joke. She was already happy to see me but the real truth, she happy to be in the comfort of Daddy’s arms. In fact, we had so many ideas for her, I mean, how active could a 6 day old baby be? Very. She just wanted to play, and cudde. I truly believe she was excited to meet her parents. Congratulations Angela & Amro! She is full of personality and she is so so beautiful.

Delicious Belgium Chocolates from Lebanon. Thanks Grandma.

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