Baja Trek

A 3 day weekend getaway into good ‘ole Baja.

Away from electronic devices. Placed into a bus full of perfect strangers. Coolers filled with Tecate and gallons of tequila. It was the perfect weekend getaway.

As soon as I approached the gates of the Tijuana border, instantly the smell of car exhaust filled my nostrils and I knew I was on vacation. We all met at the border, jumped onto Gus the Bus, traveled to Ensenada for the best fish & shrimp tacos and beers. And back onto the bus to our surprise destination – a secluded getaway into Erendira, a hostel and campground called Coyote Cal’s which sits on top of the cliff, overlooking Barney’s Cove.

There were 17 of us, some paired up and some that trekked alone – from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Pomona, San Francisco and San Diego. We were our own little community, a family that sat together for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. and shots!

Thanks Lulu for perfect tasting waffles. Beccah and Liam for being such a wonderful host, and playing a darn good game of poker. Nicco, what can I say? You are awesome!

Sand Dollars for Luck!

Check out Baja Trek for an inexpensive, quick weekend getaway to meet wonderful people and for a much needed stress relief, its recommended over tylenol and aspirin.

Here is a look at our little vacay!

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