Kamille’s big birthday bash – A Sweet 1st Birthday

I have been photographing the Manalili’s family since Jan and Charles were first engaged, fast forward 3 years later, her daughter has turned 1. Time really does fly.

I was thrilled to be able to capture the very much anticipated birthday for Kamille. Chinese take-out boxes filled with treats. Kai Lan goody bags. Kai Lan decorated red velvet cake specially made for sweet Kamille. And who says you can’t have a photo booth with a backdrop of Kai Lan and friends set up for children between 12 inches and 2 feet tall? It is the rage nowadays. Did I mention Kamille loves Kai Lan?

Happy Birthday Kamille! I hope you will one day look back and ask your parents to please re-create this for your sweet 16…

Let’s dance Dad.

Some VIP guests at the exclusive birthday bash.

Every time I come across this photo, I cannot help but laugh. She was so upset there was overabundance of sprinkle spillage onto her beautifully coated sugar cookie. 😦 but also kinda 😉

Well, it’s not only for children between 12 inches to 2 feet tall…

Family & friends: Please feel free to copy the above images to share online with your family and friends.

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