The Vasquez Family : Downtown San Diego

It is a small world after all. I just found out that Gina is related to Irene (a fitness guru I met at Ladies who Launch) who is related to Jade aka “Kimmy” (she will be introduced next week), who is related to our contest winner from a couple months ago, Derrick Turner.

And now here I am meeting sweet, little diva, Bella and her husband David for the first time. Bella is such an outgoing little girl who loves to jump for photos one second and announce loudly that “she’s tired.” I love her, she makes me laugh. It was a nice walk around downtown San Diego, seeing all the people waiting in line for the hottest breakfast joint (taking notes of where I am eating next) or making their way inside the New Children’s Museum and finding wonderful colors and textures to shoot my “full of personality and full of life” family.

Enjoy your sneak peek and feel free to copy and paste these images to share with your family and friends. Thanks Gina for the wonderful fun morning shoot. Hope you didn’t get too wet at the USC & Notre Dame game.

I don’t know why but I really love the photo on the right, both are unaware I snapped this.

End scene. We are done and Bella is tired. =)

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