The Santos-Sol Family : Solana Beach

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, perfect for a family shoot. The best part about this secluded location, you have the beach to yourself and you get to dolphin watch. We saw 3 dolphins swimming along the shore.

Tricia, Darryl, and Ruby – we are going to miss you so much when you leave to Japan. I do expect when Ruby comes back, she will be the Japanese stereotype of snapping photos everywhere she goes or posing with 2 fingers up.  Wait, I think I fit this description already.  Ko-nee-chiwa!

Here is your sneak peek and some of my favs. Please free to copy and paste the images below to share with family and/or friends.

Hehe.. Sorry Tricia. Its the perfect photo. How else are we gonna get the kids to smile?

“AJ! Open your eyes!!!”

He’s opening them Dad.

Oh my gosh, he is hilarious! I could not stop laughing while going through all of his expressions. And Raelyn, such a sweet girl.

And Ruby girl!!

No kisses Daddy, messing up her hair.

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