The Proposal

It had been planned for months, my best friend, my family, he was going to propose to his girlfriend of 12 years on their anniversary.

We set it up at a park overlooking Lake Miramar with candles, music , almond champagne, and with me hiding behind some bushes nearby to record his proposal.

She called too soon, and we panicked. On their anniversary, my car broke down… a very common thing to happen (yes – out of gas, a dead battery, a flat tire) and on their anniversary, she had to once again rescue me. I am so selfish.

The moment she called, he ran out to meet her. I could hear them approaching me but instead of a speech, I heard her looking for me???!!! I see you Sina. I see you…

My best friends are getting married, my family. I love you both very much!!! Very much. Congrats.

You may need to take dramamine before watching this, I could not hold the camera still. I was so excited for them. Watch it here

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