Meeting Aiden

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the one-month old, little Aiden, he is a complete natural when it came to posing.

I had initially prepared a time slot of a couple hours – expected for feeding, playing, hugging, and diaper changing.  Nope.  Aiden ate a little, burped and was ready for his model shots.  He did a few close ups, nap shots, and baby cooing shots.  I could not have asked for more of a perfect shoot.

Desiree, it was a pleasure meeting you, Aiden and Grandma.  Here is your sneak peek.

I couldn’t stop smiling when I noticed how natural his poses were – arms up, hands under chin, and his eagerness to hold up his head.   Ahhhhhh.DOR.aBLE. Absolutely adorable.

The preparation part of the shoot. He looked so cute falling asleep.  Of course, he wanted us to capture him in his moment of R&R.

Five more minutes Mom, five more minutes.

And of course, one of my favorites.

Please feel free to copy and paste these images to your favorite online sharing site to view with your family and friends. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this with you.

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