Your Votes Do Count

Thank you everyone for casting your vote and congratulations to Derrick Turner in winning a Lifestyle Photography Session with Vaylia Photography. I cannot wait to meet you and your family.

In addition, thanks to:

Scott Norris & Family
Roy Malinis
Bob Lee
Jon Jon
Frank Chin
Anita P
Teena D
Matthew Murphy
Kris K
Tim Corley

And thanks to my beautiful family for being so supportive. I love you.

Brandyn Pham
Scott Ngov
Keno Ngov
Linda Ngov
Bryan Ngov
Ariel Ngov
Shella Navarra
Quoc Nguyen
Holly and Dang Cheng

The winner will receive a complimentary session which includes your choice of 5 digital images or (5) 5×7 and (1) 8×10 print plus (15) 3.5×5 prints of your favorite photo to give to family and friends for holiday! If you do not live in the San Diego area and you have friends and/or family here, you may pass this on as a gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday. I won’t even tell them you won it.

We're Competing badge

Rusty also wants to thank you as well.

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