MaryAnne & Rey T {E-Session}

Penny marks the spot. Uhmmm… MaryAnne, your thumbprint does not count.

When I first met MaryAnne, she said, “Sina, you know Rey and I. We are just not people that like the hand holding, the kissing, and the engagement pics you see nowadays.” “We are 2 awkward people that have a hard time with the camera.”

“No problem MaryAnne, I got this.” “None of that stuff.” “Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of girl.  I don’t fall for every chick flick trailer that comes out and say out loud how badly I want to watch it.”

Did I make them do it…. Absolutely.

I know they asked for non-cheesy but the more my brain wanted the cheesy photos. They were such a great sport about it. I mean, come on, who doesnt love a photo of a man running to his woman.
Baby, I’m coming and I am here.

I fell in love with this image. I did not realize how vocal I was about it until Rey pointed out that he was not even in the picture. MaryAnne, your smile is absolutely adorable here.
An image that describes these 2 that words cannot.  This is exactly what I have been aiming for.

Plus what makes a great picture is capturing them just the way they are. Full of giggles, even Rey was full of giggles. I was a bit worried that the images would come out a bit blurry cause I could not stop laughing. I even convinced them that Blur is the new Black. It is making a comeback.

Thank you Bon Bon for allowing us to photograph your store. I am in love your store.

MaryAnne, it was so much fun and Rey, please come again.  I should have more by next week but here is your sneak peek.  Please free to copy and paste these images to your online albums to share with your family and friends. Check out their video montage.

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