Lauren loves me!

Dan and I have known each other for years but it has been a little over 6 years since we have last seen each other.  I was on my way back to San Diego from LA and told Dan I wanted to come by and see him but really I wanted to see his little girl, Lauren.  When I came over, I was instantly attached… so was she!!!  Dan tried to grab her from me and she turned her back to him and clung onto me?!!  It was so cute.  Adorable in my book, so adorable I had to tape it onto my phone.

Dan, it has been so long but it felt like only yesterday.  So cliche, but so true.  Warm saki, beer, wine, and lots of good food. I want to thank you for your word of advice, I could always use the pep talk.  Thank you for lunch.  Thank you for telling Lauren to cling onto me for dear life when you tried to hold her.  Lauren loves me!  Lauren is adorable.  I love her.

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