Ladies Who Launch

Smart. Strong. Driven. Ladies who create, manage, and build a company from the bottom up , this was an extreme makeover for  Ladies who Launch put together by Executive Director, Felena Hanson.

Here are a few candid shots of the contributors (professional writers, photographers, celebrity makeup artists, vendors and volunteers) that made this event so successful.

I was also lucky enough and had the pleasure of chatting with some of these ladies and felt so much inspiration and love that I am giving my love to them here:

Marketing rep, Irene Estrada from Optimal Nutrition Inc. had me hooked and fed me all these sample meal replacement bars called 91 Bars. Four samples later (bite size, I swear) I was extremely full for the evening. Hmmm…. what a good idea to carry during my shoot-outs.

Carol Meredith, a health & beauty consultant, a celebrity makeup artists and a resume filled with 15 years of experience. Her bio basically sums up her extraordinary experience and I had the pleasure of meeting a celebrity.

ON CALL MARKETING CONSULTANT Stephanie Nivinskus 858.578.9674

I am almost embarrassed to write this because I know she may read this and secretly send me a list of to do’s and not to do’s.  Here is a list of what she can do for you:

Emails that WILL sell.  Customer service advice, and we should know the importance of it.  Why we should have a facebook but I really need help with my addiction to facebook.  Stephanie help me.  She is the marketing guru!  And she is sweet!

ACCOUNTING CONSULTANT Tauni Green, MBA.  760.586.3463

First I want to say, I heart her.  Extremely sweet, approachable AND very knowledgeable.  She started her own company working with massage therapists, photographers, makeup artists & other small business owners. She advises them the importance of write offs, the advantages of owning your own business and how to keep track of business expenses (“throw them all in an envelope and hand them to me!”). I like that idea.

MAKEUP ARTIST Paige Mills  760.712.7886

A recent graduate, has done makeup for working professionals, tv, film, print & special events.

More images are available here on my facebook fan page. Enjoy and please free to use the images for own portfolio and website!

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