Where it comes from…

That’s right, 3 dots later.

Shella, a really good friend of mine, knows I am often inspired by other photographs, including those from fashion magazines. She has been so wonderful and kind to find and send me magazines that will help inspire me.

I go through each magazine looking for inspiration – pulling out pages, clips, poses, etc. to help me create either new ideas or maybe follow them.  I even jot some ideas for the next couple I plan to photograph.  Notes that sometimes may help my bride/groom(s) with their planning.

Plus, don’t we all want to look like WE belong on the cover of a magazine?

Sorry fellas, it really is a good pose.

I like cool frames.

Oh MaryAnne, this one has your name written all over it. It really does. I have notes already.

3 thoughts on “Where it comes from…

  1. ohhh sina! love your work always! i’m keeping you in mind, don’t worry, about future use! hehe if i come by some fashion mags or something, i’ll send your way, or to shella’s to send to you. hahah keep up the awesome work!! 🙂

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