Sangria anyone?

Tonight, I decided to take my mom along with me to watch the basketball game at …. Hooters. And it was Bike Night at Hooter’s, where the girls are dressed in black leather and bikini tops. Yes guys, they were.

We sit down and a friend and I order a couple of beers to get the night started. My mom looks at the menu and is describing a drink with apples, oranges.. lots of fur-rooot. Sangria?

I order her a glass of sangria. She takes a sip. Oh Sinah, they put a lot of alcohol. We shuld tell dem not to put too much.

Is so’kay. Not too much ish okay. I drink a little.

Towards the end of the first quarter, I look over and she worked her way through half her sangria, eating the wings like there was no tomorrow, making comments and chuckling to herself.

Mom, slow down. Don’t drink too much if its strong.

Yeah, its strong and I think I der-runk. So’kay, okay, I finish all.

I had to stop her. Geez, mom, please do not down the rest of your sangria.

My mom does not drink very often but it was very entertaining to see her surrounded with my friends, watching the game and eating hot wings at Hooters.

Mom and Will

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