Angela + John Cordero

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing Angela and John’s special day at Maderas Golf Club. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day.

As much as I enjoy photographing still images…

Here are my favorite images…

When a mother, who had on the very same veil she wore on her own wedding day, gets to put it on her daughter today.

When he is laying there nervously on top of 4 chairs, anxiously waiting to be her side.

And when he cannot take his eyes off his very, very soon to be wife.

When minister Jerry is re-telling their story. The story of the day they first met.

When his son is a part of his special day.

When the rings are not captured on pillows or flowers but right before they placed on.

When the flower girl does what she does best, throws flowers.

These are the moments I look for, the key moments. Something Real. Something Special.

Congratulations Angela and John. I was hoping that I could photograph my way to Maui, HI. Take me. Take me. Have I ever told you that I love to travel? I will have the rest of images ready in a few weeks, there were so many more I wanted to post but I had to stop myself. Happy Honeymoon!

Oh and I am obsessed with your dress and veil. Do you think I could borrow it for .. hmmm… perhaps for a cocktail night?

Family, friends and vendors: Feel free to copy and paste these images to share with others. The copyright must remain on the photograph in order for it to be shared publicly. Thanks

Vendors: Please contact me with your info so I may also share with others the amazing work done for this wedding to come together.

4 thoughts on “Angela + John Cordero

  1. Thank you Nara! And I cannot wait to shoot with you, I hope you are as excited as I am. I am in love with this couple too.

    Shella, I can actually picture it. It was a beautiful wedding.

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