My brown eyed girl.

The song came to my head as I was going through the collection of photos taken from this past weekend.  Kamille, you are a beautiful brown eyed little girl.

I wanted to post a couple photographs to get you through your Memorial weekend.  Really, this was not for me but for you.  Okay, it was more for me.  I get so darn excited and I cannot wait to show off what I oohed and ahhhed over when I previewed these images.

She is absolutely adorable and she makes me laugh.

Jan and Charles, congratulations – You two are Wonderful Parents.  Enjoy and feel free to copy and paste the images.

1 thought on “My brown eyed girl.

  1. Sina..what can I say? You are so creative, so amazingly talented. A million thanks again for taking the time to capture these special moments for our baby girl! I love what I see so far, and I have no doubt the rest of the pictures are just as beautiful!
    Thanks again and again…

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