Celebrating another New year.

Sin-ah?  You want to go with me to the Thai Temple up on the mountain.  Is so much fun, si-nah.  They have so much food.  A lot of  food, you will like it.

How is my mom going to entice me with food?  She does this all the time.  FUN = Lots of FOOD.  Especially when its free.  2 of my favorite words.

I didn’t want to go at first.  Thinking.  Its far.  I will be so tired from the mud run.  My scheduled diet is to start on Sunday since I couldnt start it the day of the mud run (huge food/beer garden fest.  Why is there always a fest of some sort).  Last week, I was treated to a carbo-fest of more seafood tacos.

It is Cambodian New Year (Thailand & Laos also celebrate this as their new year) and my diet is suppose to start on a Monday anyways.

Okay, mom.  I’ll take you.

Ask Shella and Quoc and all your friends.  They will like it.  Tell them, a lot of food for them to eat.

She was even more excited when I took my camera with me to document the event.  I forget my family appreciates a photo or 2.  I need to get better at that.

Si-nah. Here take my picture by the monk house. And show the mountain in the back.

Uh.  Mom, you are sorta crooked… nevermind.
Did, I ever mention that growing up I had no idea how to match my clothes.

When I photograph my family, rarely do I tell them how to pose.  Well, for one, my mom knows how to pose.  And two, I want to capture it the way they are.

I don’t know about your family, had there been flowers, she would have pulled the flower closer to her face and smiled for the camera with the flower right next to her face.

Happy New Year everyone. Happy Cambodian, Laos, and Thai New Year!

1 thought on “Celebrating another New year.

  1. Great photos of your mom! I love her neon green socks. I just love them. I think I have a pair. She has great taste.

    And awesome captures from the temple. I like. A lot.

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