Maryanne + Rey + Grandmother = Rain

I had the pleasure of meeting Maryanne for the first time, a newly bride-to-be.  Can I just say how excited I am to shoot their engagement photos?!  I am very lucky to meet people who are just as crazy as I am.  The shoot is a surprise but we are both loving it!  SO completely different from the rest…  Alright, that is all I am going to say.  I cannot wait, I cannot wait.  I CANNOT WAIT!

She was telling me about their wedding party, she had to convince her fiance to narrow down his groomsmen from 16 to 8. “Cut throat REY! Cut THROAT!”  Now the poor guy has to choose his best man when he wants all 3 to be his best man.  She also started a wedding blog for people to get to know them, you know, the story of their life, their “about us.”  Maryanne made sure to do most of it to make it easier for Rey.  She finished her about me section which talks about where she graduated, her interests, her family and where she she is today.  Alright Rey, your turn, please.  All you have to do is fill out your “About ME.” She walks away to leave him to it, comes back and sees FOOD! under his profile.   That’s it.  Food and exclamation mark. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Of course, off subject, we found out that our grandmas are very similar.  How they choose to make use of the Costco bucket, by the way my Grandma uses a Bavarian filling bucket from the donut shop.  How conserving water is the way to go.  Rain is not really rain.  Now I’m singing “My bucket, my bucket.. where ever I go…”

This is going to be fun.  By the way, someone left their nifty clicky pen.  I was about to chase you with it and then I looked back at the pen and thought.. hmmmm.. this is a very nice pen.  But its yours if you would like it back.

So about that camping trip?  Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure.  It will be my pleasure to have a drink off with you and Rey.

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