Mom’s Lasagna

Sinaaah.  Come try my lasagna.  You try it.

First bite, not bad.  pretty good.  Second bite, hmmm.. shitake mushrooms.  Third bite, leftover grilled chicken pieces from Rice King.  Fourth bite, is that a ravioli from Chef Boyardee?  Fifth bite, crunchy carrot pieces.

I helped myself to seconds.

3 thoughts on “Mom’s Lasagna

  1. At least you know what’s in it…most of the time I can’t tell what my mom puts in her food. I remember when I was younger she use to trick me into eating all sorts of internal animal body parts (and she would tell me it’s chicken)…ewww.

  2. Oh my gosh! I was laughing so hard when I read this. I told my mom what you said… her response, “What’s her name?” “Where she from?”

    I’m surprised she didnt ask what you did, how much you make… all I had to say was, She’s Khmer Mom.

    5 minutes later, she did say “why not, you can put anything in lah-sang-ah.”

  3. Our mom puts weird bits in our stuffing. Liver. Water chestnuts. Cashews she got in the Xmas nuts tin she got as a gift.

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