5D Mark II

Oh baby I like it RAW.  This morning, I totally slept in.  I haven’t been able to get a good nights rest and finally, I slept like a baby.  Then a I heard brrrrrrr outside my window and  quickly sat up, like someone was telling me breakfast was waiting for me.  Looked outside my window and heard it.  The sound of Christmas,  Santa and his reindeers and the beautiful jingle jangle.  Kerplop.  I ran down the stairs so fast, my bangs were flying straight up (actually, I took a shower last night and went to bed without drying it).

My Mark II, it came, its here.  I opened the box, forget the manual.  I’ll read it later.  All the cords.. have enough of those.  Cool, different battery.  Ahhhh.. my beautiful camera.  21 megapixels.  Video option.  Full frame.  uhhh…. hmmm… camera strap.  I forgot how to put one on, its been awhile.  I had to open the camera’s manual to put on the camera strap.

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