Photography: Art. Life. Moments. Hobby. Career.

Pick up that camera.  See the world from a different view.  See what no one else sees.  And Create.  That mood.  That moment.  Reveal what a magician normally wouldn’t.  Sometimes showing is the only way to believe.

As a photographer, we are asked to specialize in a specific field:  Weddings.  Lifestyle.  Portraits.  Boudoir.  Commercial.  The problem is that I cannot.  I am in love with photography and plus my “too much energy for my own good” won’t allow me to.  Everyday, while I am doing my fast pace, arm pumping, 5 mile walk and sometimes jog for 2 seconds before my heart gives out on me, around Miramar Lake, listening to Colbie Callait gets me all excited with cool new ideas.  By the end of it,  I can’t wait to turn a tutu into something very hip…

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