Chinese New Year is here

{In this Moment :  Mom swears…}

First I have to say, convince everyone, that I do love my mother. It doesn’t always come off that way.

Its the first day of prayer, food, tea and shots of Henessey are displayed on the kitchen table with burning candles and incense sticks. The problem, I am not there to help. Of course, my cell phone is going off and I know better. Don’t pick up the phone, not yet. I’ll call when I am ready to talk.

An hour or 2 passes, I call her and she is screaming at me (sometimes, this is her normal talking voice) “Where are you? You know you have to help! Oh, when I was a kid, my mother never asked me to help. I come help, I cook, I clean. Come here now!”

“Mom, I’ll come soon, let me just finish…”

“No, you come now!”

“Alright, please stop yelling. This is why I don’t pick up my phone.”

Well, that was not the smartest thing to say. She started to go on about her own childhood and being the perfect daughter to her mother. “Your kid, he going to be like you, he hear you and he talk sh*% to you cause he hear you talk sh*%. You better not-ah talk sh*%, you hear me!”

Mom, when did you learn such a bad word?

I felt so bad, she’s right. I went there immediately. Its Chinese New Year. Sorry great grandmother, great grandfather, great uncle and great aunt, will you forgive me and bless us with good health, prosperity, and longevity?

{Friday.  February 12th, 2010}

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