Christmas shopping with Mom

Every year, my sister and I take turns taking my mom to the mall so she can pick out her own present(s). First, she’ll tell us not to buy her anything especially if we have no money (who doesn’t complain about money?), once we tell her we want to buy her something, she easily caves in and picks out shoes from Italy, a unique Clinique moisturizer (but you need to buy 2 to get the gift – she’s huge on anything free). At the mall, her eyes darts from Easy Spirit to Nordstroms to Macy’s.

We pass by a nail file/hand moisturizer kiosk and the guy is trying to get me to sample their lotion. I know better and tell him no thanks. My mom looks over and extends her hand out “Hey why not, its free!” He begins buffing my cousin’s nail and sells us their line of do-it-yourself manicure set for $29.99 are you out of your mind (can’t you buy the same stuff at Rite Aide for less). My mom whispers to me “Is good Sina, the lotion is good. I can tell” and looks at him “How much you can sell me, you can give me cheap-ah price? I know you can sell to me for $19 dollars.” He almost convinced her by taking $5 off and adding an additional buffer. She looks at me for approval but I vetoed it! I know, I can be so harsh but hey he couldn’t sell it to her for her asking price. Finally, we get back to Nordstroms and buy her the moisturizers (uh huh, that’s right 2 – so we can get the gift). The lady finished ringing me up and then my mom asks“Can I have anotha free gift?” Oh mom, leave the poor lady alone! But to my surprise, the saleswoman gave her another one and gave me a heartfelt look like she understood how it is to shop with mom. Mom smiles at me “See Sina, I’m not scared to ask, why you scared?”

Hmmmm….I don’t know really, always felt so embarrassed of it in the past but I’m actually pretty impressed with my mother. She impresses me.

Did I mention we are at forever 21? My mother, forever 21.

By the way, we are still expected to wrap her presents.”Go ahead Sina, wrap my presents now.”

{Sunday.  December 20th, 2009}

1 thought on “Christmas shopping with Mom

  1. Your mom is exactly like my mom when it comes to the make up counter..OMG like long lost sisters! I got in trouble once for not getting her the free gifts…I swear she made me go back to ask for them.

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