Lake Miramar

I’ve been trying to get back in the exercise routine, you know 3-4 days a week of a good workout, convince myself “I’m so pumped to run” before I can convince myself I have better things to do.. catch up on recorded shows. I mean, I literally have to get my butt out of bed, into my jogging suit, brew my morning cup of coffee, and quickly walk out thedoor before I have second thoughts. The little man on my left shoulder can be quite convincing. Plus don’t you love being out in the morning, it is my favorite time of the day. Its the most peaceful, quiet time I get to myself, a sense of clarity before my brain becomes a cluttered mess, when breakfast is a must and carbs are usually forgiven even though I forgive it all day.

It was especially gorgeous this morning, the morning after the rain. The air was so crisp and clean. I went over to Miramar Lake – where most exercists goes (exercists not exorcists … I don’t even care if its not a real word. Doesn’t it sound much cooler than the exercise enthusiasts). Its a 5 mile path around the lake, I encourage everyone to come out before you head to work or after work or even on the weekends to rollerblade, bike, run, jog, walk your dog(s)/cat(s), take your time and sina stroll. Once you reach the 4.5 marker, you get a sense of accomplishment and a beautiful view of the city.Here are some photos I took with my point and shoot camera from today.

Thank you Sheila for letting me join you. Good thing too or that large dog with sharp fangs would have licked Kona to death and you would have peed in your pants.

{December 14th, 2009}

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